Mar 29, 2017 - Student life
FEFU students received National Model United Nations Awards in New York

The team award was given to the students of Far East Federal University (FEFU) as a result of the National Model United Nations (NMUN) in New York City. The conference took place from 19th to 24th March at the UN Headquarters with the participation of young diplomats from all over the world. Russia was represented at the forum by Julia Nedelkina, Alexandra Kosyreva (Oriental Institute–School of Regional and International Studies), Anna Timokhina (School of Economics and Management), and the FEFU graduate Jesse Thomas.

The participants acted as diplomats of foreign countries and discussed issues of global concern at the conference. The leader of the delegation, Jesse Thomas, was elected the Chairman of the Economic and Social Council, while Julia Nedelkina, Alexandra Kosyreva and Anna Timokhina represented Serbia's interests in it. The female students worked in separate UN sections on education, science, culture, and participated in the program to promote sustainable human settlement development. The delegation of Far East Federal University was recognized as one of the best and gained the title of Honorable Mention Delegation.

According to Vitaly Savenkov, the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East Director, post-graduate student at the FEFU School of Economics and Management, the University delegation in New York City was led for the first time by a foreign graduate: Jesse Thomas graduated from the Oriental Institute master's degree program in 2015.

“Participation in such a conference is an invaluable experience for young leaders. At the very heart of the United Nations, they have the opportunity to exchange views and sharpen their skills with 5,000 young diplomats from all over the world. This is indeed a serious challenge that motivates our students to develop further”, said Vitaly Savenkov.

FEFU students also visited the World Bank Office in Moscow while preparating for the conference. During the meeting there, the delegates discussed its role in the eradication of poverty, interaction with international organizations, and the prospects for Russian economic growth.

The Model UN of the Russian Far East Club is based on the Far East Federal University campus and is one of the largest youth organizations in the region. Students develop leadership skills there through such an element of learning as the debate on the model UN and regularly hold conferences on the real rules of the world organization.

FEFU students have been involved in the National Model United Nations from 2011. In 2015 and 2016 the diplomats from Vladivostok earned the main award of the World Conference, the title of Outstanding Delegation.