May 4, 2017 - Student life
First International Student Choir in the Far East is created in FEFU

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is launching a new creative team, the International Student Choir. This original project will be the first in the Russian Far East to reflect the diversity of cultures of students studying in the region's largest university.. The recruitment to the choir will start from the new school year.

Every year, international students in FEFU are becoming more and more numerous and the University launches various programs for their adaptation. According to Valeria Novoselova, the Director of the Center of Creative and Performing Arts, one of the best ways for this is music that does not have borders and is understandable to every person in the world. Since international students always take an active part in student activities, the organizers are sure that such a project will be popular among the university youth.

“Of all kinds of art, choral singing is the most popular and most accessible. This will be a very colorful project, reflecting the diversity of peoples and cultures of students studying at our university. FEFU today, indeed, is a multinational institution, and the new choir will be its calling card,” said Valeria Novoselova.

The International Student Choir will be headed by Mikhail Verpeko, the head of the FEFU Academic Choir Orchestra, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. He has been leading his team for almost 40 years and was happy to support the idea of the new project. It is planned that 60 people will take the audition for the choir. The spoken language in the team will be English, and the repertoire shall also be made up of English music. To create a new student choir, the FEFU International Education Department will help the Center of Creative and Performing Arts.

Far East Federal University is rapidly gaining popularity in the world. Today, more than 3,200 students from 52 countries, most of them from the Asia-Pacific region, are studying at FEFU. In recent years, the number of applicants to FEFU from Latin America and Africa has increased severalfold, and countries such as Chad, Syria, Zambia, Cameroon, Cote D'Ivoire, Brazil, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Zimbabwe have appeared on the world map of the University students.