Dec 5, 2016 - Student life
Model UN of the Russian Far East has united FEFU students from different countries

The 15th International Conference of the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East (MUNRFE) has been held in Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on 2-5 December. About a hundred students from Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries became the participants of the youth forum and discussed the climate, migration, armed conflict, crisis in Syria, and other global issues in the United Nations format.

"The movement of the Model UN of the Russian Far East is more than fifteen years old and the most dynamic phase of its development is associated with FEFU," noted Andrey Shushin, the Vice President for Academic Affairs. "Every year the number of the club members increases, it means that young people are actively interested in politics and the situation in the world."

The conferences were held on the principles of the United Nations and simulated four of its committees.

"The General Assembly considered the measures to preserve the global climate. The Human Rights Council discussed the rights of refugees and internally displaced persons in Europe, the measures to ensure the safety of journalists during armed conflicts. At the meeting of the World Bank they presented investment projects of the countries, and the Security Council considered the measures to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Syria," said Vitaly Savenkov, the Director of the MUNRFE, postgraduate student at the FEFU School of Economics and Management.

The delegates took the roles of heads of state and diplomats from Australia, Brazil, China, Libya, Pakistan, the Republic of Korea, Russia, the United States, France, and other countries during the meetings. The participants tried to find innovative approaches to solving the world's problems and the final resolution was drawn up in accordance with the UN regulations. The best delegates will participate in the National Model United Nations to be held in New York in 2017.