SEM Structure

 icon_86.png DIRECTORATE                 

icon_70.png DEPARTMENT                      

icon_161.png  Administrative Office 
   icon_38.png Department of Economic Science 
icon_134.png International Affairs  icon_34.png Basic Department of Bioeconomics and Food Security   
icon_158.png Office of Extracurricular Student Affairs                     icon_22.png Basic Department of Modern Banking
icon_63.png Project Office   icon_114.pngDepartment of "Finance and Credit"
icon_148.png Office of Research Guidance   icon_28.pngDepartment of Business Informatics,
Economics and Mathematical Methods
icon_36.png Research Laboratories   icon_165.pngDepartment of Accounting, Analysis and Audit
   icon_113.png Department of Public Administration
  icon_183.png Department of Marketing, Commerce and Logistics
   icon_159.png Department of Management
   icon_30.png  Department of World Economy
   icon_21.pngDepartment of Service and Tourism
  icon_166.png Department of Enterprise Economy