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Best Practices of European Education

Far Eastern Federal University is a leading center for international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Thanks to the new campus and its capabilities, FEFU has become a permanent venue for large-scale events of the highest level. International conferences and exhibitions, meetings and seminars, symposiums, and competitions are held here year-round.

Now one of the most important tasks for the university is to attract foreign students and to invite leading foreign professors to work. About 3.500 foreign students from 74 countries are already studying at FEFU in various forms of study. Not every Russian and foreign university is so popular among foreigners. Currently, more than 180 leading professors from the USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, England, Egypt, Norway, Mexico, Peru, and other countries are constantly teaching at the university.

Since 1989, FEFU has been actively developing training programs for its students abroad. Cooperation is established with more than 240 partners from 40 countries. Among them are the largest universities, research institutions, public organizations, business structures from the USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, and other countries.

All students, at their request, can choose language internships, joint educational and grant programs, as well as exchange programs at various universities in the world. More than 2.000 students, professors, and staff travel abroad annually for educational and scientific purposes.

Currently, FEFU implements more than 10 international Master's educational programs, which are taught in English.


Increase Your Career Potential by Obtaining a Master Degree at FEFU

Main objectives acquiring a Master degree:

Increase your credibility and fasten your job promotions;
Prestigious status that leads to an efficient network connection;
Opportunities to combine work with studies;
Make a PhD Degree available option.
Master studies do not require much time since it is only 2 years of study with limited and selective subjects.
Is it expensive to study Master?

FEFU provides prestigious, accredited and affordable education. The average cost of Master studies is between 200-250 thousand rubles (total cost) depends on your selective major.
What other opportunities FEFU offers?

233 Master programs that include rare and highly demanded Master programs;
Double Degree Master Programs;
Master programs in English;
Joint projects and researches with 240+ international partners; including USA, UK, Germany and Asian Pacific countries;
Practice in Ultramodern laboratories;
Living in high-class accommodation;
Access to 71 national and international E-databases including WS, SDirect, Scopus, EBSCO, Inspec, JSTOR;
And many more opportunities that you can take advantage of at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

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