Project-based Learning

System of Project-Based Learning

FEFU students receive hands-on experience during their studies; they participate in projects and engage in solving real problems. 
The projects are conducted at FEFU schools, laboratories, centers, and other structural units and supported by  FEFU national and international partners.
Students’ activities are recorded on the educational results as well as o the digital portfolio of the projects.

System Status at the Beginning of the Academic Year

The FEFU project-based learning system is implemented using the Project Platform service. The overall status of the system is experienced testing. Full implementation is planned for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Function of Project-based Learning

The Project Platform is a tool for project managers to attract students and other employees to projects and implement projects using the platform.

Project activities allow students to:

  1. Gain knowledge and experience in the framework of the chosen educational program in real conditions.

  2. Fulfill professional capacity in related areas.

  3. Create new unique/individual educational trajectories based on the projects’ environment and student’s interests. 

The Project Platform allows project managers to:
  1. Ensure the transparency of the project implementation (the current and future project trajectory are available and visible to support the project development).
  2. Effectively manage the project including distributing tasks among the participants and tracking their implementation.
  3. Promote projects and invite students to join and participate.
Advantages for Students:
• Participation in the project ensures integrating knowledge and skills via experience.
• Engage in testing and Developing disciplines or modules of the curriculum.
• Formation of a digital portfolio where the accuracy of information will be guaranteed by the university to be shared internationally (subject to student approval).

Requirements for Starting a Project
- Become a project manager and start a project with the participation of FEFU students/staff who have higher education.
- The project should include a mandatory description of the outcomes of the project and its educational results which must be confirmed by a “digital footprint”.