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Development of boiotechnology is one of the main development priorities of the Russian Federation and Far Eastern Federal University. Current situation calls for a globally competitive bio-economic sector which will be the basis of the Far Eastern modernization and innovative economy along with the nanoindustry.

FEFU scientists are involved in complex scientific research of the production and study of lectins, microorganisms, medicinal plants and marine resources as agents for medicines and therapies, dietary supplements and food provisions. Nowadays, functional foods are becoming more and more popular.

They are used not just for nourishment but for the improvement and support of certain bodily functions. In this area the FEFU scientists are conducting the following research:

  • Developing and organizing production of new high-tech food with bio-corrective properties made from Far Eastern wild plants and marine substances
  • Studying theoretical and practical technological aspects of the production of raw smoked meat with bio-corrective properties enriched with micronutrients from Far Eastern resources of terrestrial and marine origin
  • Study and development of assorted functional food technologies using raw food products from the Altai Territory
  • Biotechnology of functional and specialized foods