Ground Effect Vehicles

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Scientists of the Far Eastern Federal University start projects on the construction of the ground effect vehicles (or ekranoplans in Russian). The university has created Research and Training Center on the Design of the Ground Effect Vehicles, which now works on the design of the first experimental model.

Ground effect vehicle is a universal type of transportation, which has the properties of both the plane and the marine vessel. The principle difference of this vehicle from the other two types of transportation is that its effective motion is achieved due to formation aerodynamic shield (or ekran in Russian), also known as a dynamic air cushion. While being supported by the aerodynamic shield it can fly like a plane over the water, snowy or icy surfaces and can even overcome shallow waters and some parts of the terrain in any season of the year.

Ground effect vehicles designed in Primorsky krai will have an improved seagoing capacity for regular use on the water surface areas and even will be able to have short flights on the altitude of up to 150 meters.