Marine Windmill Units

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Scientists of the Far Eastern Federal University are working on addressing the challenge of a poor efficiency and high costs of the wind energy generation. Proximity to the sea and non-standard approaches to the placement of the construction of the marine windmill units have helped them find a solution to this challenge. A special feature of a design developed by the Primorsky krai scientists is not only the selection of the place of installation of a generator, which is put on water, but also a horizontal way of placing it.

Primorsky krai scientists have suggested not to use traditional windmill towers with the propellers on top, and proposed to use rotors that are put on the water to increase the power generation capacity of existing designs at least tenfold.

The problem of high costs of windmill energy generation is resolved by an increase of the power capacity of the wind generators. The power capacity limit of the classical windmills designs developed in Europe is around 10 MW. FEFU design can increase efficiency of the wind generators manifold at the cost of higher energy generation capacity of the unit. This can reduce the cost of electric power generation two or threefold.