Medications Produced out the Marine Organisms

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The Laboratory of Synthesis of Natural Compounds and the Department of Organic Chemistry of the FEFU School of Natural Sciences conduct research on the development of a new generation of advanced medications that would be based on the natural compounds extracted from marine organisms. Among them a special place is occupied by alkaloids of fascaplysin and kouropitin (tryptanthrin) groups.

Fascaplysin possesses a wide range of bioactive properties and combines its antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral capacity with an ability to suppress a growth of different malignant tumors. Its action mechanism is unique, which makes fascaplysin a promising and a leading compound for the development of a new type of anti-tumor medications. Triptantrin on the other hand is a specific inhibitor of inflammatory processes, which allows using this compound as an effective and cheap anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-tuberculous medication. Due to the insufficient availability of these alkaloids in the natural environment, development of effective methods of their production becomes a pressing issue.

The Laboratory not only deals with this issue, but also conducts research on optimization of a structure of compounds under study by methods of computer modeling in order to enhance their biological effects. At the same time the researchers develop approaches towards a targeted synthesis of enhanced compounds by comparing them and by selecting the most active substances that would be used to create better drug compositions.