New Materials and Metal Technology

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FEFU scientists are engaged in research to create new materials and develop processing technologies in the following areas:

  • Development of a new nanomaterial structured from glass, a glass-metal composite
  • Development of advanced and emerging mineral and organic compositions
  • Research on creating shells of pressure casings for deep-water equipment from this glass-metal composite
  • Research on production powder from high-carbon steel having microcrystalline structure with high mechanical properties

At our University much attention is paid to the research of nano- and micro-mechanisms of low temperature disruption of welded joints. Functional coatings and methods for their precise application to fuel apparatus components were developed in the laboratory of welding technology and equipment for scanning microscopy probes, mechanical testing, and mechanical engineering.

In close cooperation with the regional industry, research work is also conducted on creation of computer-integrated machinery production, and on the design and implementation of rapid prototyping technologies including functional prototyping (direct electronic technology production).

Hydraulic Structure Construction Technology

In construction of hydraulic structures, the University scientists are conducting research on the development of theoretical construction foundations resistant to ice impact and freezing, to ensure the reliability of surface and underwater structures on the continental shelf. Another priority is research in the design and simulation of control algorithms and intelligent navigation of autonomous unmanned robotic systems for a wide range of tasks of interest to large companies in the Far Eastern and Arctic seas.

In cooperation with the company "RusHydro," FEFU is developing innovative energy conservation technologies using renewable energy and the construction of underwater robotic prototypes to clean hydroelectric dams.