Wireless Communication with the Miners

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Scientists from the Department of Instrument Engineering of the Far Eastern Federal University have developed a device, which makes it possible to communicate with the miners on the depth of up to 2.5 kilometers. Characteristics of a newly developed device of the Primorsky krai scientists exceed foreign analogs by 5 to 6 times. This device can help dramatically increase safety of the people working under the Earth surface by making sure they can communicate with each other and with the ground services of the mining companies. Currently the device is being prepared for production.

This is an outstanding invention of the FEFU scientists. Earlier it was thought that the thickness of the Earth formation layers is homogeneous and that electromagnetic waves cannot penetrate though them. FEFU scientists proved that Earth layers have different degrees of density, which means that the waves can actually penetrate through them. It is expected that all mines in Russia would get equipped with such systems in the future.

Underground emergency alert system is only the first stage of this research project. Further scientific interest of the physicists lies in the area of development of individual means of telecommunications, which would be a part of a compulsory outfit of every miner and which would help promptly run underground operations. Besides, this invention has generated an interest in China. In 2011 this communication station came in a close second at the international electronic systems exhibition in Geneva.