Dear Alumnus!

The FEFU International Alumni Association is established to help you solve your most pressing issues. One of these issues is employment after graduation.

Our community platform acts as a source of information about training sessions and seminars on effective job search held at the university, as well as such events as the “Job Fair” that was earlier held at FEFU.

The Association acts as a link between alumni who are ready to offer a job and job seekers who are about to graduate or have already completed their studies at FEFU. We appeal to the community members who have taken place in their profession: share your experience, offer vacancies, and advise how to present yourself! After all, you can become a mentor for an Alma mater alumnus, just as you were some time ago.

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ООО «Сервисный центр ФЕСКО» The company implements the IBM Academic Initiative competency development program, which provides free access to courses, software, resources, and career opportunities for students and teachers. hr-erc@fesco.com Screenshot_3.png
АО «Альфа-Банк» The company's success is in thousands of personal and professional successes of each employee. When employees develop, Alfa-Bank develops. Working with us is an opportunity to grow together with the № 1 independent bank in the community of smart and open-minded people. Solve ambitious tasks, achieve significant results, become the best and earn money. mail@alfabank.ru       Screenshot_4.png
АО «Дальневосточный центр судостроения и судоремонта» The corporate personnel policy of "ДЦСС" JSC is aimed at maintaining the existing personnel potential and its development, creating a highly professional team of like-minded people capable of ensuring the process of modernization and innovative development of the Russian shipbuilding industry and ensuring the dynamic growth of the corporation's enterprises. Kadry@dcss.ru Screenshot_5.png
ООО «Майтона» MYTONA is a game developer, one of the leaders in mobile game development. We are the creators of top mobile games in our genre - Seekers Notes and Cooking Diary, as well as creators of major new projects, including the survival game The Day Before. https://mytona.ru/career/3/1    Screenshot_6.png
ООО «МС-ПАСИФИК» The company "MS-Pacific" is the largest supplier and manufacturer of LIFTING EQUIPMENT.
Working since 1999, the company has accumulated vast experience and a reputation as a reliable supplier and partner.
They have their own workshops for the production of lifting equipment, equipped with high-quality equipment made in Sweden and Japan, suppliers are only the most reliable and famous world brands.
info@mspacific.ru Screenshot_7.png
ООО «Промобот» Promobot is the largest manufacturer of autonomous service robots in Russia and Europe.
The company conducts developments in the field of mechatronics, electronics, artificial intelligence and neural networks, autonomous navigation, speech recognition, artificial skin and muscles, and also research human-machine interaction. The company is looking for people who have artistic skills, can sculpt and paint. Also interested in robotics, 3d modelers, people who just like to make robots.
info@promo-bot.ru Screenshot_8.png
ООО «Экселенте» Today, the company "Excelente" is the undisputed leader in the Russian market among the centers offering language programs, training and work abroad.

They are not an agency, but a company, because they do not play an intermediary role in matters of the language and professional development of you and your children, but the most crucial one. The company ensures the result because each client is guided individually from the preparatory stage to the very end of the program.
ksenia@excelente.ru Screenshot_9.png