Q: I am a student of BRICS Educational Internship program. How will the new training format affect my program in regard with COVID-19 preventive measures carried out at FEFU starting from March 23?

A: All FEFU students, including BRICS participants, will soon be transferred to an e-learning system that will protect students and staff from the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection and at the same time maintain the quality of education. Academic classes will be held according to the previously approved schedule but without the need for the presence of students and professors inside the university classrooms. Lecture and seminar classes will be organized in the format of webinars through the university electronic system, students will be able to connect via personal electronic devices from the hostel.

Q: Will extracurricular activities be held for participants of BRICS program during COVID-19 preventive measures?

A: During preventive measures, all extracurricular activities within the framework of the BRICS program, including cultural program events, sports, and cultural events, are suspended. All planned activities will be carried out after the removal of preventive measures.

Q: Are there any recommendations regarding the preventive measures for BRICS students?

A: Follow simple guidelines to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. Here are some of the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation:

- wash your hands more often and keep hygiene;

- try not to touch your face with unwashed hands;

- use medical masks;

- avoid contact with people who have symptoms of the disease;

- less often visit public and crowded places.

Q: Can I, as a student of the BRICS Program, visit museums, cultural sights, and public places?

A: BRICS Program Organizing Committee strongly recommends participants to refrain from visiting public places - cafes, bars, theaters, museums, shopping centers, shops, and public transport, etc. without an emergency, especially during rush hours.

BRICS Educational Program Organizing Committee encourages program participants to take temporary measures and recommendations with understanding. We draw attention to the fact that proportionate measures are being taken in the BRICS countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.