Student Accommodation

FEFU Hotel Complex at Russky Island offers students different accommodation options at the dormitory rooms where they can study, get rest and meet with their friends. 

Dormitory rooms have all the required furniture items already installed. Bedding items are given to the students at their check-in. Rooms are cleaned by maintainable personnel every week.  

Every floor of the each dormitory building has kitchen areas for students' individual cooking with all the required kitchen equipment installed. Besides, the dormitory buildings are equipped with the laundry rooms for students' individual washing.

The following accommodation options are available for the FEFU students: double rooms, two-room suites for 3 tenants and two-room suites for 4 tenants.

The following options are available for full-time students, students enrolled in continuous education programs, interns studying at FEFU, and prospective students waiting for their enrollment as freshmen:


FEFU Campus, office A724
Tel: +7 (423) 265 24 24 (ext. 2684)