Our Guests

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APEC Summit on September 2-9, 2012 has brought together the most influential politicians of the world at the lead of a Summit host, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin; amongst these leaders were the President of China Hu Jintao, United States Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton, prime ministers of Japan and Australia along with the heads of the other states.

The comfort of the FEFU campus was tested by the leaders of the highest level. In 2012-2014 President Vladimir Putin has stayed here multiple times. In June 2013, the XVII Annual Meeting of Rectors of The Association of Pacific Rim Universities has brought together Rectors of the following leading universities of the Asia Pacific: the National University of Singapore, the University of Southern California, the Beijing University, the University of Oakland, the Washington University, the Seoul National University along with the other APRU member universities.

In August 2014, Ilya Lagutenko, an organizer of the V-ROX Rock Festival and one of Russia’s most renown pop and rock musicians, together with his fellows from different countries of the world have stayed at the campus hotel complex. Rock Brynner, an American author and a historian, a Hollywood celebrity, a son of a Oscar-winning actor Yul Brynner, is a frequent guest of the campus. Amongst the many guests of last year's 'Summer on the Russky Island' festival were Kenny Belaey, a ten-time winner of the BMX World Championship and the Guinness Book of World Records champion, and Lukas Irmler, a German ropewalker.

The XVI Russian National Freestyle Wrestling Tournament on the FEFU Rector's Cup was officially opened in April 2015, by an outstanding wrestler, a Merited Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, three times Olympic champion Alexander Karelin.

A famous English photographer Rolph Gobits, who was taking photos of Queen Elizabeth II and who collaborated with such companies as Apple, BMW, Mercedes Benz and the British Airways lives at FEFU campus and teaches here since 2013.