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Campus Hotel Complex is ready to offer its guests a variety of different theme tours both on the Russky Island and on the mainland part of Vladivostok. 

This includes the following tours: 

  • Lights of the Island at Night, an evening tour on the Russky Island with an entry to the FEFU campus; 
  • FEFU, the high-tech territory; 
  • Pages of the Military History of the Island (with a visit to the Voroshilov and Novosiltsev Batteries); 
  • Legends and Reality of the Russky Island; 
  • History of Higher Education at the Russian Far East;  
  • Romantic Island; 
  • Weekend at the Russky Island or ‘Oh, this Russian Island!’ tour.
On top of that the sightseeing tours around Vladivostok are also available; they include seeing of the Primorsky Stage of Mariinsky Theater, the Arch of Prince Nicholas, Funicular, and bridges over the Golden Horn Bay and the Bosporus of the East Straight.