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Campus Hotel Complex is ready to offer its guests a variety of different theme tours both on the Russky Island and on the mainland part of Vladivostok. 

This includes the following tours: 

  • Lights of the Island at Night, an evening tour on the Russky Island with an entry to the FEFU campus; 
  • FEFU, the high-tech territory; 
  • Pages of the Military History of the Island (with a visit to the Voroshilov and Novosiltsev Batteries); 
  • Legends and Reality of the Russky Island; 
  • History of Higher Education at the Russian Far East;  
  • Romantic Island; 
  • Weekend at the Russky Island or ‘Oh, this Russian Island!’ tour.
On top of that the sightseeing tours around Vladivostok are also available; they include seeing of the Primorsky krai Opera and Ballet Theater, the Arch of Prince Nicholas, Funicular, and bridges over the Golden Horn Bay and the Bosporus of the East Straight.