Apr 5, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU develops English-speaking environment in partnership with MGIMO

Teachers of English at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) completed advanced training courses at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). The educational process lasted a month and took place within the framework of the internal project “Creating an English-speaking environment at FEFU”.

Moreover, within the framework of the project “Creating an English-speaking environment in FEFU” in October 2018, Moscow experts checked the level of English proficiency among university students. The online testing, developed by MGIMO specialists, included 3,310 first-year students, and about 400 students attended an in-person interview. As a result, 500 students who scored the most points received certificates confirming a high level of language skills.

“The main purpose of the testing was to identify students who are really interested in learning a foreign language and to identify promising teachers who are ready to teach students using the most modern techniques. The project fulfilled this goal. Many students began to contact the service of the vice-rector for educational work with a request for additional English language courses for future work, writing articles and internships”, said Svetlana Sukhanova.

Many teachers who have completed advanced training courses at MGIMO have already offered their concept of organizing additional courses in English for talented students. The project was also involved the director of the FEFU Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies Evgeny Pustovoit and program leaders for talented students “Academic excellence and honor education” (AEHE).

“Fluency in English is one of the most important competencies of a successful student and graduate, and our program pays special attention to this. We see strong demand for additional language learning opportunities. Therefore, in April, it is planned to form five groups of AEHE program participants. With the help of the latest techniques under the guidance of FEFU teachers, they will improve their English skills”, said Sergey Zhdanov, program director of the Academic Excellence and honor education project.

The project “Creating an English-speaking environment at FEFU” is one of the FEFU priorities. Its goal is the introduction of modern methods of teaching English, the development of academic mobility of students and teachers, strengthening the image of the university in the Russian and foreign academic community.