Apr 2, 2019 - FEFU News
New technologies of virtual reality to help students prepare for the exams at FEFU

The NTI Competence Center for Virtual (VR) and Augmented (AR) Reality of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), “Foundation for Education Development” and the Russian Academy of Education signed a tripartite agreement on the introduction of VR / AR technologies in education. The agreement will be implemented in the interests of the national project "Education".

The technologies of virtual and augmented reality have already proven themselves in the practice of corporate training: when training operators of expensive equipment, mastering complex operations and working out actions in extreme situations. The introduction of these technologies in educational organizations will not only diversify the experience of students but will also significantly increase the availability of education quality.

For example, one of the developments intended for implementation will allow students to carry out laboratory work in chemistry in a virtual environment, without limiting themselves in the number of attempts and in the reagents used. The depth of immersion is ensured by the use of modern VR-technologies (computer, with a connected virtual reality helmet and special manipulators), and the reliability of the results - a complex physicochemical model.

The second development will allow students to prepare for exams in physics using virtual reality. With the help of a new VR application, it will be possible to organize a safe practical lesson in physics without the use of consumables — to conduct experiments with any hazardous substances or voltages. In addition, the new technology will allow to show in parallel not only the visible processes but also usually hidden from the eyes, makes it possible to experiment with materials and processes, as it is impossible to do by direct manipulations. For example, mechanically tear off part of the molecule and observe how the physical and chemical properties are transformed.