May 13, 2019 - FEFU News
Vietnamese students are interested in FEFU distinctive academic programs

Academic programs of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) were presented at the university representative office in Vietnam. Career guidance event was launched on the basis of Vietnam National University, which is a partner of FEFU. The event aroused great interest among Vietnamese students and schoolchildren.

Presentation of academic programs was held by the Director of the FEFU Representative Office in Vietnam, Lưu Thị Nam Hà. During her speech, she paid special attention to the possibilities of the Russian Language and Culture Center, where every foreigner can graduate from Russian as a foreign language course, undergo training before entering the country's leading universities, try her hand at state testing, the results of which will be required, for example, for permission to temporary residence or residence permit.

The information about the FEFU School of Data Economy, which has no analogues in Russia, sparked a lively discussion. Many people were interested in Master programs in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Virtual and Augmented Realities, Cyber Security and Territory Development Management based on Earth remote sensing technologies and data.

As a significant advantage, FEFU Lưu Thị Nam Hà identified a modular training program, the ability to defend a diploma in the form of a ready start-up, a modern campus infrastructure, including equipped with all necessary educational buildings, a library, sports, and creative centers.

The opening of the FEFU Representative Office in Hanoi provides Vietnamese schoolchildren and students with more opportunities to study at a leading educational institution in Russia. It can be said that this is a bridge between our countries, designed to promote the development of educational programs, an intensive exchange of interns and experts between the two universities.

“Vietnam is our reliable friend and partner for decades showing a high interest in the Russian language and culture. The opening of the FEFU Representative Office in Hanoi is an important step and a great achievement, because this is a mutually beneficial and effective cooperation that needs to be strengthened”, said Evgeny Vlasov, FEFU Deputy Vice-President for International Relations.

In total, the international network of FEFU partners includes 246 educational institutions, with which 374 cooperation agreements have been signed. Half of them are located in the Asia-Pacific region and represent 18 countries.