Jul 27, 2018 - International cooperation
Chinese students get acquainted with Russia at the Summer school held at FEFU

International Summer School for students of the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT, China) has started at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on July 26. More than 50 Chinese freshmen and sophomores will get to know more about Vladivostok, Russia and FEFU in the upcoming two weeks.

FEFU offers participants of the Summer School a rich academic and cultural program. On a daily basis Chinese students will take Russian language classes from the FEFU instructors that will be followed by the workshops on public speaking. Chinese students will also take city tours around Vladivostok, will visit Novosiltsevskaya Cannon Battery along with the Russian National Children's Center "Ocean", and will learn more about the history of Primorsky Krai at the Arsenyev Provincial Museum. Signature elements of international summer programs at the University are master-classes on cooking of the Russian pelmeni and painting of the Matryoshka dolls.

"Our universities actively exchange students, conduct joint research projects, and now we jointly develop academic tourism in the format of summer schools," said Anna Mazurenko, Director of the FEFU Center for International Promotion, Tourism and Protocol. "Such programs allow foreign students productively spend their vacations, experience Russian culture and learn about opportunities to study in our University."

After the end of an academic year the infrastructure of the Far Eastern Federal University is still in demand and is being actively used for academic summer programs and sport events. On 30 July, FEFU will begin an International Summer School for students of the Cheongju School of Foreign Languages (Republic of Korea), while August 9 will mark the beginning of the Russia Far East Summer School with participation of students from China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

International summer schools are among the most effective forms of recruitment of international students used at the Far Eastern Federal University. International prospective students learn more about the Russian language and culture, attend the lectures of the University professors, and become more familiar with the University and the country. Today, FEFU has students from across 67 countries, many of whom have decided to attend the University after participating in one of these summer schools.

Yaroslav Taranda,

Photos by: Alexandra Marekha