Aug 9, 2018 - International cooperation
Russia - Far East Summer School brings over 80 international students to FEFU

Russia - Far East International Summer School has begun at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on August 9. This academic program has attracted more than 80 students from China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Summer School participants will enjoy traditional and new training modules on the Russian language and culture, politics, business, and cinematography.

In 2018, academic program of the Russia - Far East Summer School has expanded and now offers students four academic modules. The first module was developed by the FEFU language instructors to help international students with the peculiarities of the Russian language and culture. Module developed by the professors from the Oriental Institute - School of Regional and International Studies covers issues of domestic and foreign policy of Russia and countries of the Northeast Asia.

Faculty members of the FEFU School of Economics and Management will offer lectures about starting a business at the Russian Far East. The fourth module was developed by the curator of the program of the Pacific Meridian International Film Festival Andrey Vasilenko and includes a series of classes on film criticism, Russian, and foreign movies.

During the Summer School international students will also discover a fascinating cultural program while they tour the sightseeing locations of Vladivostok, visit Russian National Children's Center "Ocean", and enjoy spectacular views of the Sea of Japan from Cape Tobizin.

"I came to FEFU to study Russian language and to learn about your culture," says a participant of the Summer School from Japan Leon Onuma. "I am very glad to begin acquaintance with Russia in Vladivostok. Here we meet friendly people and discover delicious food. Local music and architecture are markedly different from the Japanese ones, which is especially interesting for me."

One of the signature elements of international summer schools held in FEFU is a master class on painting of the Russian Matryoshka dolls. During the Summer School international students will learn about the history of the world-famous dolls and will try to decorate them with their own hands. Participants will also attend a traditional Summer School master class on cooking of the Russian pelmeni.

"Russia - Far East International Summer School is already held for the sixth time. It has firmly established its position in the market of short-term programs in Asia Pacific as it attracts many international students every year," says the curator of the Summer School and the Chair of the Office of FEFU Promotion and Organization of International Events Ivan Pisarev. "We have both students interested in Russia and those interested in international relations in general."

In the summer season of 2018, Far Eastern Federal University hosts a range of summer schools that focus on acquaintance of young people from different countries with Russia. So far, FEFU has held short term programs for students of the Harbin Institute of Technology (China), high school students and high school teachers from the Republic of Korea. These schools are one of the forms of recruitment of international students.

Yaroslav Taranda,

Photos by: Alexandra Marekha