Apr 10, 2017 - Student life
FEFU international students made an enchanting performance at the I'm Studying in Russia festival

Seven prizes were won by the students of the Center of Russian Language and Culture of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU CRLC) at the 2nd I'm Studying in Russia International Interuniversity Festival. International students studying Russian at FEFU have clearly manifested themselves in literary, dance, instrumental, and vocal competitions.

The festival brought together more than 170 international students from seven Primorsky Krai universities. FEFU was represented by the natives of Brazil, India, Indonesia, China, Colombia, Laos, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Serbia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Japan. While some contestants demonstrated artistry and vocal abilities, others read poetry, played musical instruments, performed national dances, and competed in culinary prowess. Participant evaluation was made by the jury made of the representatives from all the universities participating in the festival.

“Multinational FEFU team has shown really very bright and original numbers. Our students beautifully performed Russian songs and dances, and made an enchanting performance with Buzzy-Wuzzy Busy Fly mini-musical. The audience was thrilled!” pointed out Natalia Milyanchuk, the Associate Professor, FEFU Department of the Russian Language and Literature.

In the vocal competition, the first place in the Small Group category was taken by Choi Ji Young, Feng Xiao Meng, and Jin Shengxi (China), while the Solo category was won by Mariano Deziteratus (Indonesia). In the instrumental competition, the first place was won by Jiang Yun Peng (China), and the second was taken by Ningrum Putri Sekar (Indonesia). The second in the Live Accompaniment category was Janeli Parades (Peru) and Bermudas Rodriguez Valentin Fernando (Nicaragua). Also, the international group of CRLC students became the best in the dance and theatrical production contest and received a special jury prize in the Tourist Photography nomination.

“Together with the guys from different countries we performed the Quadrille Russian folk dance, and then I played the violin with a melody from the Rolling in the Deep song by British singer Adele,” said Ningrum Putri Sekar. “Such festivals are an excellent opportunity for international students to demonstrate their talents and make new friends. I also look forward to the Days of Interethnic Student Unity in FEFU, where Indonesian students are going to present new numbers.”

“We started preparing for the festival in almost a month and practiced almost every day,” said Vera Moiseenko, the leading specialist, Preparatory Department for International Students, FEFU CRLC. “As a result, our students performed remarkably, having won the maximum number of prizes. FEFU once again proved that it is the most creative and international university!”

Far Eastern Federal University is rapidly gaining popularity in the world and increasing its international competitiveness. More than 3,200 international students from 52 countries are now studying at FEFU.