I Vladivostok Maritime Law Forum 2021 «Actual problems of theory and practice of the law of the sea»


School of Law

in cooperation with MGIMO-University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia


I Vladivostok Maritime Law Forum 2021

«Actual problems of theory and practice of the law of the sea»

April 22-23, 2021

Vladivostok, Russia

Program of the Forum

In order to study and professionally discuss modern legal research and practice in the field of the use of maritime spaces, on the basis of Far Eastern Federal University School of Law, on April 22-23, 2021, international research and practical conference "I Vladivostok Maritime Law Forum" will be held.

The conference is organized by FEFU School of Law in cooperation with the International Law Department of MGIMO University.

Recently, the role of the World Ocean has been increasing for the world community. Maritime spaces are not only 90% of all international trade and 70% of potential oil and gas basins or provinces. The oceans provide food security for many countries globally; the rate of climate change and international security depends on it. Legal regulation and enforcement play a significant role in the implementation of relations on the use of maritime spaces.

The Forum is supported by Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Primorsky Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Organization «Association of Lawyers of Russia,» Arbitration Centre at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, «Pepeliaev Group» Law Firm, «Inmar» Law Firm, «Norina and partners» Law Firm.

The Forum participants – recognized researchers from leading Russian universities and foreign partner universities of FEFU School of Law, representatives of government agencies, law enforcement agencies, international organizations, and business structures within the framework of the conference will discuss current topics of development of legal research and practice in the field of maritime law and law of the sea.

Professors and students of Russian and foreign universities, researchers, representatives of enterprises and organizations, employees of all branches of government and management who are interested in sea-related problems of rulemaking and law enforcement are invited to participate.

The Forum will be held in a plenary session and thematic sections/conferences online within Zoom electronic environment.

The time limit for speaking at a plenary session with a research report (message) is up to 15 minutes, in the thematic section/conference - up to 10 minutes. It is possible to accompany the research report (message) with a computer presentation presented by the participant. All reports will be broadcast on YouTube on the FEFU School of Law channel (URL: https://youtu.be/3dCH7CER99g)

The plenary session of the Forum is scheduled for April 22, 2021, from 14-00 Vladivostok time (Moscow 07-00, Oslo 05-00; Halifax 00-00) (the language of the presentations – English and Russian, there will be no translation).

Within the framework of the Forum, a plenary session and 3 thematic sections will be held:

- Problems of theory and practice of International maritime law(language – Russian and English) – April 22, 2021;

- Problems of theory and practice of Russian and foreign maritime law (language - Russian) – April 22, 2021;

- Section for young scientists «Actual problems of maritime law» (language – Russian) — April 23, 2021.

The program of the Forum with updated regulations will be posted on the official website of the Far Eastern Federal University School of Law and the website of the «Moscow Journal of International Law» before it starts in the «Conference 2021» section after processing the submitted applications.

Based on the results of the Forum, it is planned to publish a collection of research works, and because of this, we request you to send the texts of the reports to the coordinators by April 19, 2021, under the following requirements:

  • Scope of work - up to 5 pages

  • Margins - top and bottom 2 cm, left 3 cm, right 1.5 cm

  • Body font - Times New Roman

  • Font size of the main text - 14 points

  • Line spacing - 1.5

  • Text alignment - in width

  • Paragraph indent (red line) - 1.25 cm

Forum Coordinators:

For Russian participants — Vladimir V. Timofeev, Assistant to the Vice Dean of the FEFU School of Law, timofeev.vv@dvfu.ru, +79990592005

For International participants — Gleb P. Lobzov, Assistant to the Dean of the FEFU School of Law for International Relations, lobzov.gp@dvfu.ru, +79146549055