Our Programs

Please check out our educational programs first.

How to apply?

To apply for the programs of the School of Medicine it is necessary to send the following documents to  :

1. Foreign passport copy/scan;
2. Academic certificate of candidate’s previous education (if it’s not in English or in Russian, it should be translated to one of these languages).

We also have an application fee of 3500 Russian Rubles; the admissions office will guide you on how to make this payment, and what are the other steps necessary for admission.

Entrance exams

We have entrance exams, Chemistry and Biology. The entrance exams are in English, in the online form; pass result is 40% or better. Entrance exams will be held in several waves, so dates may differ.

When does the studying starts?

Academic year begins on the 12th of September, but for first year students actual studying usually starts approx. 1-2 weeks later to give them enough time to finish all arrival formalities. So, the best time to arrive is between 6th and 11th of September (after the Eastern Economic Forum is over, which will end on the 5th of September).

Tuition fee

Tuition fees for the 2022/2023 study year are not oficially set yet, but they are estimated as follows:
General Medicine specialist program (6 years): 380 000 Russian Rubles (equivalent of ~5000 USD) per year.

Accommodation fee is the approximate equivalent of 550 USD per year; mess is not included.

Application deadline

All admission procedures should be over by the 31st of August, so the best date to apply is before the 20th of August.

Transfer students

We can accept transfer studetns from other universites if they are active students at the moment (i.e. we can't accept expelled students).

The list of documents required for the transfer:

1. Academic certificate;
2. Personal data processing consent;
3. Passport copy;
4. Application.

All these documents should be sent to the email

Please check out this page for a more detailed instruction.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please check out our frequently asked questions & answers section.

Your contact person:
For medical and biological programs, please contact Mr. Sergei Titov (email: