The task of modern legal education is to form a professional lawyer who may successfully be implemented in modern society and achieve high career goals. High-quality professional education is the key to a successful future career. FEFU School of Law has all the necessary resources to provide high-quality legal education.

The School prepares bachelors, masters, candidates, and doctors of legal sciences. The programs are designed to prepare highly qualified specialists in Business Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, International Law, State, and Municipal Law.

The School offers Master’s degree programs in private law, public law, legal regulation, and contract management.  Graduates of these programs will be able to improve legal regulation and legal support for the corporations and other private legal entities and expanding their international cooperation, apply the norms of civil, business law, criminal law, and other branches of law.

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Students who completed a Master's degree will be able to work effectively in Russian and foreign legal entities, enterprises and organizations engaged in business operations in different law spheres.

During the study students are guided to pay attention to courses on foreign legislation of partner countries, considering the geopolitical location of the Russian Far East and the expansion of international cooperation with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. You will also study Theory and History of State and Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Rhetoric Theory, and Legal Writing.

You will learn the process of working with Russian and foreign legal databases: ConsultantPlus, Garant, apply regulations, legally correct classification of facts and circumstances, obtain the skills to prepare legal documents.

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You will have an opportunity to take part in moot-courts, business games, role-playing situations, debates, round tables and conferences on the study of various legal issues.

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Students’ Feedback:

Hugo Humberto Soler Moreno (Colombia), LL.M. (Master of Law).

“The Russian island of knowledge is located in the Sea of Japan near the beautiful City of Vladivostok. The sea as the panoramic view of the central library of the Far Eastern Federal University –FEFU- helps the students to refresh their minds and deeply involves in the field of research, academia and science. The university facilities are designed to provide the student with the “experience mix”, which starts from natural beauty, goes through sports practices (in my case, swimming, volleyball and soccer) and reaches the academy. The Law School is nourished by specialized studies in the Asia-Pacific region, the BRICS as well as other domestic and international law, business research, offering events and conferences in an intangible academic world research environment, conducive so that students and teachers to participate with publications on our studies. Due to the immense variety of nationalities of students and teachers, FEFU offers a unique cultural exchange, generating the possibility of learning about different customs, traditions, foods, music and dances as well as creating friendship ties with extraordinary people and professionals. It has been a wonderful academic and life experience. I would like the university to implement a recycling program.” 

Leong Le May (Vietnam), 3-year student of bachelor's degree program in Law.

“At the beginning of my studies in FEFU School of Law, I felt some pressure due to the language barrier, moreover, legal education requires a large vocabulary of terminology. At first, I could not understand what the teachers were saying, because there were too many specialized words. As for teachers, perhaps not many foreign students studied here, so there was no teaching method for foreigners. But with the help of my classmates and professors, I overcame these. I feel that the method of teaching is quite detailed here, the teachers always answer all the students' questions with enthusiasm. Currently, I feel that everything is fine, even in the face of an epidemic, learning is still normal. I see that teachers always tried to overcome difficulties and successfully completed their tasks.” 

“I see the FEFU School of Law in three main perspectives:

The center of Russia's globalization strategy: About 300 million people live within a 1000 km radius around Vladivostok. These geographical characteristics have led Russia's national development strategy to align with Vladivostok, which is closest to the Asia Pacific coast. It was a natural and surprising experience to have the opportunity for globalized education and exchange in FEFU, Vladivostok's core think tank with these characteristics.

The gateway to Russia's future: Vladivostok, the gateway to Far East Russia, has become the gateway to the capital, culture and human resources of the Asia-Pacific countries toward Russia. At the FEFU, the first entrance to Vladivostok, education, and various academic activities were able to confirm the influx of change into Russia's future.

Russia's starting point for the world: The world-class professional faculty and curriculum (LL.M. in English) have become the starting point for not only Russia but also the global legal market.” Kim Hoi-Soon (Republic of Korea), 2-year student of Master’s degree program in Private Law, General Director of Korean-Russian Business Law Association