School of Biomedicine

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General Information

School of Biomedicine is the medical faculty of the Far Eastern Federal University.

Founded in 2012, it provides instruction since 2013. English-medium instruction began in 2016.

Aside from Russian-medium programs, information on which can be found on the Russian website, we offer an a number of English-medium programs, including "General Medicine". Currently, we teach more than 500 foreign students on our international programs.

We are a public school, that means we are funded and directed by the Russian Governement and follow Russian state educational standards.

Our international programs with full English instruction:

Molecular Biotechnology (4 year Bachelor course)
General Medicine
(6 year Specialist degree course)
Molecular and Cell Biology
(2 year Master program)
Agri-food Biotechnology
(2 year Master program)
International Catering
(2 year Master program)

"General Medicine" program:

Curriculum duration: 6 years
Degree awarded on graduation: Russian Specialist Degree (recognised as M.D. in CIS countries)
Language of instruction: English
Entrance Exam: required (Chemistry and Biology); Russian language is not required for the International "General Medicine" program
Clinical Facilities: the School of Biomedicine has access to a number of facilities, including the FEFU Medical Center