"Far Eastern Philological Journal" is an electronic scientific peer-reviewed open access periodical. The journal publishes the results of research, scientific and practical activities (articles, reports, reviews, translations, bibliographic reviews, materials and conference reports) in the following groups of scientific specialty 5.9. Philology:

  • 5.9.1. – Russian literature and literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation
  • 5.9.2. – Literature of the peoples of the world
  • 5.9.4. – Folklore
  • 5.9.5. - Russian language. Languages ​​of the peoples of Russia
  • 5.9.6. – Foreign languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese)
  • 5.9.7. – Theoretical, Applied and Comparative Linguistics
Form of distribution: Far Eastern Philological Journal provides authors and readers with free access to the full texts of articles in electronic form.
Journal frequency: 4 issues per year.
Number of publications in the issue: 14 articles.
Publications in the journal are carried out on a non-commercial basis. 
Main publication languages: Russian, English.
Reviewing. All articles submitted to the editorial office are subject to mandatory reviewing. Review form - double blind review.
Articles are published in order of priority after peer review. 
Full-text versions of published issues can be viewed in the "Archive" section.