Competitive Advantages

School advantages include:

  • Students upgrade their English level to Advanced

  • The diploma guarantees employment even in times of crisis. About 80% of our graduates successfully find jobs in the first year after graduation.

  • Students have a good educational and scientific base, as well as an exceptional faculty.

  • Students have the opportunity to receive a practice-oriented education.

  • Students have the unique opportunity to receive fundamental training in the theory of linguistics, theory and history of literature, develop written and oral communication skills, and master a profession that is in demand in Russia and abroad

  • Almost all professors of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language have experience of work in foreign universities (Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Thailand, the USA);

  • Students are accommodated in the comfortable campus located on Russky Island;

  • The Far Eastern Federal University is a leading center of international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. The University regularly holds international conferences and exhibitions, meetings and seminars, symposia and competitions;

  • Students will have the unique opportunity to plunge in the details of intercultural communication and participate in the most interesting events and seminars (Days of German Culture, Francophone Day, Spanish Language Festival, Talents Show)

Shool major achievements:

Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies - the largest school for the training of specialists with knowledge of oriental languages. Here it is possible not only to learn languages, but to become a specialist in the field of international relations in the broad sense of the word - to understand the cultural traditions and ethical standards of the East, which is extremely important in conducting negotiations. Sustainable partnerships connect the Eastern Institute with the universities of East Asia, provide an opportunity to study exchange, to practice in Japan, South Korea and China.

Students' achievements:

Evgeny Baranov, alumnus of Bachelor Program in International Relations, 2015. Journalist at «Voice of America».

Vitaly Savenkov, alumnus of the master’s degree program "Russia in the Asia-Pacific: Politics, Economics, Security", 2015. Advisor on International Relations at RU Tech Park

Saidnumon Mansuriv, alumnus of the Master Degree program "Russia in the Asia-Pacific: Politics, Economics, Security», 2016 Head of Representative Office, Agency of External Labour Migration at Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Students's feedback:

Hhuk Te Hee:

"I am so grateful to all our professors for providing me deep knowledge, it cant't be ever overestimated!  And one more thing that is very precious for me is their sense of responsibility of the educational process and the desire to be as effective as possible, for being professionals of high-caliber in their field. I will always be thankful and I will aways remember it"

Sayury Hasagava:

"I express my gratitude to my brilliant professors for the opportunity to help me grow both professionally ans personally. I fell in love with Russian language and Russian literature. I will never forget my golden years when I was a student at FEFU."

Some more feedback:

"My name is Ekaterina, I am a 4th year student of the direction “Foreign Regional Studies”. For four years now I have been studying one of the most difficult languages in the world: Chinese.

It was hard at first. Learning Chinese seemed unrealistic. There were minutes when I could give up, quit everything and leave. But now I can say with confidence and joy: it is possible to learn this language from scratch!

China is an interesting country with a thousand-year history and culture. Studying opens the door to an amazing world. As a result, I got what I dreamed about. I was captivated not only by the language, but also by the atmosphere in which I lived these four years. Teachers passed invaluable knowledge in a friendly, “home” environment, we felt like in a large and friendly family! Classes were productive and at the same time insanely exciting."

. . .

"My name is Anna, I am 18 years old. In 2019, I entered the first year in the direction “Foreign Regional Studies” with the profile “Study of regions and Asian countries” (Vietnamese)

"My decision was based on the fact that the Institute of Oriental Studies students are offered a highly specialized program. This reduces the time spent cramming unnecessary information, but special attention is paid to language lectures. It's nice that there is the opportunity to communicate and learn culture with a native speaker.

The program cannot be called very complex, but it contains all the basic knowledge that a competent regional specialist should have."


"My name is Nastya, and one year of my studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies in the field of foreign regional studies with a Chinese profile has already passed.

What conclusions did I draw during the year? In terms of the quality of knowledge received by students, it is in no way inferior to the leading universities of the country. FEFU can be proud of its teaching staff. These are amazing people with a talent for teaching! unimaginable love for students, willingness to tell and show everything, patience - evoke genuine love of students for both the teacher and the subject that he leads"