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Sep 6, 2022 - FEFU News

FEFU to expand academic and educational ties with the Republic of India

On September 5, Boris Korobets, Acting President of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) has met with the Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Russian Federation Mr. Pavan Kapoor on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). The parties discussed the potential cooperation in the fields of environment protection, science and commercialization of joint development projects.
Mr. Pavan Kapoor noted that it was his first ever visit to both Vladivostok and Far Eastern Federal University, and that he was left quite impressed with how beautiful the campus is. The Ambassador admitted that now he understands the reason behind such high enrollment rates among international applicants at FEFU.
“FEFU has done a great job of attracting international applicants. The numbers of the university and the opportunities it opens speak for themselves. Special thanks to the President of the Russian Federation for the creation of this university. I have heard a lot about other Russian institutions, but none of them are spoken of like they are of FEFU,” said the Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Russian Federation.
Boris Korobets shared that the university was created 10 years ago on Russky Island to serve as a center of science, education, technology and creativity. Every year, enrollment rates of the university are increasing including those of international applicants. FEFU has successfully managed to overcome the status of a local university.
“FEFU was conceived as an intercultural center that draws people from different countries together. A center that allows students from all over the world to become friends, to invent and implement joint ideas and projects. For the university, the international presence, which is especially important in such a difficult time, is one of the development goals,” said Boris Korobets.
Mr. Pavan Kapoor noted that FEFU showed incredible efficiency during the pandemic and that all the students have received a great support and help from the university. 
The main topic of the meeting was the partnership between the university and the Republic of India in the priority areas of science and economics.
“For the university, the priority areas for development are environmental and climate issues. I would like to ask for your support in the implementation of joint projects. The big dream of our students is to make the world cleaner. If we can join forces in solving this and other issues, not only our countries, but the whole world will benefit,” said the Acting FEFU President.
The Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Russian Federation supported Boris Korobets in this endeavor, and also emphasized the importance of choosing the right partner university in India for the development of joint projects in environmental protection field.
“Another important area of cooperation is the healthcare sector, since environmental issues affects the health of the planet's population. We are opening new programs in the field of education, medicine, ecology, and we would be happy if we could implement them together with Indian partners so that more students of the Republic of India could get access to them,” said Boris Korobets.
“We need to find more areas for developing economic cooperation in the Russian Far East. The commercialization of innovative achievements is an important direction and task, and in the modern world the one who can find a solution for it is bound to success. Possibly, the Russkiy INTC could become such a subdivision in FEFU for solving these problems,” said Mr. Pavan Kapoor.
“The commercialization of technologies is our direct task. The entire Far East is one big preferential regime that attracts attention in that field,” commented Boris Korobets.
The meeting participants stressed that the established regular practice of holding conferences, round tables, seminars for students and faculty members, meetings of educational institutions and specialized schools’ leaders, joint cultural events held on the basis of FEFU - all this contributes to closer cooperation with Indian partners, confirms the friendly intentions and determines the prospects for further joint work.
FEFU has a long history of relations with Indian partners. Since 2020, the FEFU representative office in the Republic of India has been successfully operating at Amity University. A similar representative office of the Indian university was opened in Vladivostok. Cooperation has been established and is being actively implemented in the framework of training students from India at FEFU. The main track is "General Medicine", which currently has more than 500 students enrolled. Cooperation is actively developing in the field of training personnel for work with high technologies, IT, robotics, oil and gas, medical and other fields.