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Mar 3, 2017 - FEFU News
X Anniversary International Academic and Research Conference “Russia – XXI Century”

Far Eastern Federal University and Oxford Russia Fund invite you to participate in the X Anniversary International Academic and Research Conference “Russia – XXI Century”

The main objective of the Conference is to make an analysis of the key events in the field of international relations in the period of 2014 – 2016 and then to define a position and role of Russia on the world arena relying on the scientific studies of international and Russian researchers in the sphere of economy, law, social and cultural aspects. The working language is English.


1. Cross-border markets, finance and entrepreneurship (Working language is English):

· Modern finance: threats and opportunities;

· New trends in entrepreneurship;

· Cross-border market relations.

2. Development of individuals and society in multicultural environment of the Asia-Pacific region: interdisciplinary approach (Working languages are Russian and English)

· Problems and prospects of multicultural communication between Russia and countries of Asia and the Pacific;

· Complex and corporate research of Asia and the Pacific information and advertising communication and mediasphere;

· Historical development and interaction of cultures and civilizations in the Asia-Pacific region;

· The psychology of interethnic interaction in multicultural area of Asia and the Pacific;

· Complex research of cross-cultural and social processes in the Asia-Pacific region (philosophy, culture, religion).

3. East Asia: imagining reality (Working language is English):

· Modernity and Asia: encountering Max Weber and changing institutions of politics and culture;

· Connectivity and networks' emergence as the main process in contemporary East Asia;

· Discourse of culture and mythologization in constructing regional security;

· Securitization and speech acts as features of international relations in Asia.

4. The collision of private and public right in the XXI century (Working language is English):

· The Free Port of Vladivostok as a center of international business of the Far East and an outpost of Russia in Asia and the Pacific;

· International protection of human rights and national sovereignty;

· Impact of a right to vote on the development of international relations;

· Legal problems of information security;

· Legal regulation of international sport law

The Conference consists of two  phases: the  peer review of scientific papers by correspondence and on-site panel review, which will be held on 11-14 May, 2017, in Vladivostok (Far Eastern Federal University Campus, Russky Island). The scientific papers should be sent to the e-mail russia21@dvfu.ru till April 14. In accordance with expert decision, authors of the best papers will be invited to participate  in the Conference meetings and activities no later than April 27. By the end of the  Conference the winners will be awarded diplomas and presents.

To participate in the Conference the following documents should be correctly sent to the Organizing Committee e-mail address: russia21@dvfu.ru:

· Application Form filled in accordance with Appendix 1;

· Non-published scientific paper following the requirements in Appendix 2 (up to 8000 characters including spaces and list of references), no more than 3 co-authors are allowed.

X Anniversary International Academic and Research Conference is the biggest scientific event organized by FEFU United Student Scientific Community with the support of Oxford Russia Fund and Far Eastern Federal University. For the fourth time the Conference is hosted in the FEFU Campus, the venue of regular international events equipped with innovative infrastructure to provide participants with maximum comfortable conditions. Each year the Conference brings together more than 100 young scientists and researchers from the top universities of Russia and Asia-Pacific. The leading professors of Far Eastern Federal University and invited  international experts will be responsible for evaluation process of scientific papers as well as their presentation.

Contact information:

e-mail: russia21@dvfu.ru

Official VK page: https://vk.com/russia21vek_official ; https://vk.com/russia21vek2017

Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Russia21FEFU/

On organizational matters, please, contact:

Anastasia Sinitskaya: + 7914 724 64 77

On issues of preparing papers, please, contact

Viktor Pahmutov: +7(914)796-24-17 

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