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Feb 9, 2018 - Science and innovations
FEFU raised more than 1 billion rubles for scientific research in 2017

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The amount of raised funds for research and development at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in 2017 exceeded 1 billion rubles. Compared to 2016, the funding of science in FEFU has increased by a quarter, primarily due to large grants and research projects commissioned by industrial partners.

“The university significantly intensified its research activities and crossed the milestone of 1 billion rubles in 2017. We will continue to raise funds for the development of new areas of university science. It is important for the FEFU research to be in world trends and give practical results,” said Kirill Golokhvast, FEFU Vice President for Research.

Most of the funding was received by FEFU in the form of grants from the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (210 million rubles). The largest projects are devoted to monitoring, conservation and rational use of marine bioresources, the creation of new biomedical technologies,  and the study of the effect of automobile exhausts on the environment.

The FEFU scientific and practical developments in the interests of Primorsky Region enterprises are financed within the framework of the Government Decree No. 218 (180 million rubles). For Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, researchers are developing a robotic complex for the production of cast parts of helicopters. By order of Zvezda Shipyard, the university is developing materials for processing liquid radioactive waste. A new technology for the production of import-substituting protein and amino acids for livestock is being developed jointly with Arnika Company.

According to the state order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, FEFU researchers conduct a number of projects on screening natural compounds to search for anticancer drugs, study the magnetic properties and structure of nanomaterials. In 2017, the FEFU staff also performed work on the state contract with the Russian Research Institute of the Ecology and developed a program for the elimination of accumulated environmental damage in the Golden Horn Bay of Vladivostok.

A significant part of the funds raised are the contracts for work for Rosneft, Gazprom, the Eastern Petrochemical Company, Rosatom Corporation (more than 150 million rubles in total). Research for the major partners was carried out in the field of geological drilling and exploration of new deposits in the Arctic, ecology, and the use of petroleum products in production.

A relatively small, but important part of the financing of the university science is the grants and scholarships for young scientists of the President of Russia. Thanks to this support, a new generation of FEFU researchers conducts promising work in the field of nanotechnology, supercomputer modeling, robotics, the search for new antitumor drugs, and international relations.