About Vladivostok


Vladivostok is a port city and the capital of the the Russian Far East. It is located on a peninsula, and washed by the Sea of ​​Japan. Vladivostok is the city located in Asia but has a European lifestyle, that significantly impresses visitors.


Russian Center for Political and Economic Development in the Asia-Pacific Region. World-class events are taking place in the city, including the APEC Summit and the Eastern Economic Forum.

Leading Centre of Education and Science The Primorsky Scientific Centre of the Far Eastern division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, dozens of institutions of higher education, R&D organizations, the Botanical Garden-Institute, and the largest and most modern university campus in Russia are all located here.

A popular destination for tourists and diplomats. Vladivostok is the Gateway to Asia and is separated from Seoul for 750 km, from Beijing for 1,335 km, from Tokyo - just about 1,000 km. Local tour operators offer low-cost flights, ferry, and cruise tours to Asian countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore. The seaside city develops tourist destinations for sea holidays for visiting tourists.

A sunny coastal city surrounded by gentle mountain landscapes and 50 bewitching islands.