About FEFU

Far Eastern Federal University

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•          22 Medical and Sciences research units

•          20 Scientific and Educational centers

•          368 Hi-Tech labs

•          160+ international partners

•          160+ Foreign professors

•          20000 Students

•          3,500+ International Students

•          60% of its international students from the Asia-Pacific.

•          300+ Degree Programs

•          30   Educational Programs in English

• 9 Schools: Biomedicine, Data Economy, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics and Management, Oriental Studies, Law, Art and Humanities, Education)

• More than 400 current signed agreements with 240 universities

Far Eastern Federal University is the largest university in the Russian Far East, located in Vladivostok. Far Eastern Federal University was established on April 2, 2010 as part of four higher educational institutions: Far Eastern State University, Pacific State Economic University, and Ussuriysk State Education Institute.

As for 2020, more than 600 educational programs are being taught at the university, the number of undergraduate programs is 49, the number of specialty programs is 90, the number of master’s programs is 14, the number of special postgraduate and doctoral programs is 64, the number of pre-university education programs qualifications – 171. The amount of foreign students is over 3500.

More than 24 thousand students study at the university. About 500 people also study at higher education programs. The total number of students, graduate students, doctoral students and students of all forms of education is more than 41 thousand. The number of academic staff at FEFU is 1598, 1058 are doctors and candidates of science. The total number of employees is about 5 thousand.

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