Vitaly A. Sorokin

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Far Eastern Federal University, School of Biomedicine

English level: Fluent 

Programs: Cardio-vascular Surgery, Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Biology

Programs for applicants: Cardio-vascular Surgery, Biology/Histology  

List of research projects of a potential advisor: 

Genetic and Protein marker as potential therapeutic and diagnostic targets to underline intercellular interaction and modulation of VSMC and vessel wall progenitor cells

List of research topics: 

3D vessel wall modulation (spheroid)

Next generation sequencing of isolated population of vessel wall cells 

10х system application to landscape vessel wall cellular profile in different cardio-vascular pathological conditions

Vessel wall immuno-biology

VSMC modulation with sncRNA

CRISPER technology as a tool to investigate genetic mechanisms behind VSMC modulation

Research highlights:

Cardiovascular disease leading cause of death in developed and countries including Russia Inflammation and  Results of intellectual activity:

Inflammation and pathological VSMC modulation are key mechanism in the development of atherosclerotic disease.

Decoding of genetic and epigenetic control of these processes could be potential solution.

Supervisor’s specific requirements:


· DNA/RNA extraction, experience with qPCR, mass spectrometer, next-generation sequencing transfection, plasmid CRISPER


Cardioplegia and myocardial protection in adult cardiac surgery: Current trends

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Comparative evaluation of the constant and variable regimen of vacuum therapy in the treatment of postoperative sternomediastinitis in cardiac patients  

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Gene expression profile analysis of aortic vascular smooth muscle cells reveals upregulation of cadherin genes in myocardial infarction patients

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A mysterious cause of constrictive pericarditis: the unfolding of the missing link

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