About school

FEFU Data Economy School is the first school in Russia dedicated to Digital Economy.

Students receive hands-on experience on Neural Network, VR/AR, legal aspects of human interaction and cyber-physical systems, Earth remote sensing data and media technologies.

Master's Programs in English

  1. Small satellite development for private space
  2. Synthetic personality development
  3. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 
  4. Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things

Bachelor's and Master's Programs in Russian

1- Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Practice artificial intelligence, analysis big data, develop data analysis application, learn the regulations and standards, work on data mining, statistics, data visualization technologies and gain architectural and structural skills of working with languages such as R, Phyton.

Recommended for students with a technical and mathematical background.

2- Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)

High-tech and scientific environment to implement VR & AR innovations and business training in technology entrepreneurship and projects management.

The knowledge of programming languages, data structures, mathematics, and project implementation skills (methodologies and development structure) is desirable.  

3- Cybersecurity

Build trusted systems in untrusted environments based on information systems interaction, reliability of assessment, risk management, complex systems analysis, system design and legal aspects of human interaction in distributed cyber-physical systems.

Engineers, economist, and legal specialties are welcomed to enroll.

4-Digital art

Merge art with technology using art installations, digital studies, database visualization and media design in virtual environments and augmented reality.

Designers, Architect, Programmers, and Engineers are encouraged to register.

5- Digital Technologies for Territorial Development

Spacecraft and Satellite systems collect “big data” that Engineers, Economist, and Legal specialties operate the data and transfer it into profitable information. Students will learn system design of remote control systems “turnkey” and engage in real business orders.

Engineering, Economics, and Legal specialties have an opportunity to apply.