Competitive Advantages

Why FEFU & School of Biomedicine?

icon_77sm.png We bring together an international team of lecturers and scientists, with many of them being highly-skilled doctors with the broad clinical practice.
icon_77sm.png The School of Biomedicine shares the building with the FEFU Medical Center, one of the most advanced medical facilities in Russia with the state-of-art equipment and broad possibilities.
icon_77sm.png FEFU Medical Center is a multipurpose medical organization including several subdivisions: clinic and hospital, rehabilitation center, diagnostic facility, research labs, and more.
icon_77sm.png Students of the School of Biomedicine master their practical skills under the direction of Medical Center’s best experienced doctors.
icon_77sm.png We have a well-established educational communication between students, professors and doctors – for example, open weekly seminars organized by the head doctor of the hospital.
icon_77sm.png Part of our team specializes in various fields of biomedical research – molecular and cell medicine, pharmacology and drug discovery.
icon_77sm.png Our laboratories of the School of Biomedicine have the most advanced scientific and diagnostic equipment available, which offers unparalleled possibilities to perform cutting-edge research on a highest level.
icon_77sm.png Students take an active part in the actual research work shoulder to shoulder with our academics, participating in major international research projects, conducted in collaboration with the top universities and research centers of Europe, Asia and America, including the University of Edinburgh (UK), the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), University of California, San Diego (USA), National Cancer Institute of NIH (USA).
icon_77sm.png Our students participate in international exchange programs and foreign professional trainings.
icon_77sm.png The FEFU campus, the best in Russia and one of the best in the whole world, is built to meet all students’ living, recreational and educational requirements.
icon_77sm.png Students of 18 different countries (40% of all students on biomedical programs) have already chosen the FEFU School of Biomedicine and make progress in studying!

School’s rankings

Far Eastern Federal University is included in top 500 world universities by the QS Ranking.

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Far Eastern Federal University and the School of Biomedicine are included in the World Directory of Medical Schools, which provides recognition by the US Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and allows our graduates to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

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Students' feedback  Sathish Kumar, 3rd Year student, General Medicine.

One of the top colleges in the Far East region of Russia. Many students from different countries, especially from India and Brazil, are studying here. Best hostel facility in Russia. Medical school is attached along with the multi-specialty hospital. Students get a lot of opportunities to participate in the internship program. I got an opportunity to participate in the BRICS internship program. Nice coaching from well experienced professors. Well equipped laboratory facilities. Students can get a huge exposure from the university campus and makes the best out of them.

 22222221112435.png Afrodita Ramos,  Master’s Degree Studies, Agri-Food Biotechnology

For my bachelor studies I chose to major in two areas – Food Safety and Management of Environmental Resources (with special focus on Agricultural Resources). I made this decision because as a future specialist I wanted to be able to respond to the challenges imposed on agricultural food production by the modern societies and changing conditions. This underlines how agriculture can respond to those challenges now and in the future, protecting the natural resources but not decreasing the quality and quantity of the food produced. Thus, by combining these two fields, the possibility to study in a very promising and newly developing area which is Agri-Food Biotechnology, opened up. This applied science is quite rare to find as a discipline in universities in Russia, as it is quite modern, so I was very excited when I came across at it at the Far Eastern Federal University. Russia has been my primary choice for continuing my education which is why without a doubt I chose to travel across the world from my home country in Southeast Europe to the Far East of Russia – I made my education and my further development as a specialist my priority.

When I started studying it became immediately clear that all the professors and teaching assistants assigned to work with me are exquisite, immensely knowledgeable and well apt professionals which has been one of the major highlights of my master studies. They are also very willing to work and collaborate with me on a scientific level, giving me the possibility to create my own research work, having thereby their support and contribution. But more than that, they all take personal interest in me if I am doing fine and coping well so far away from home. Their genuine care and concern contributes to my overall wellbeing here in Vladivostok. Another major positive aspect is the fact that I am given many possibilities for practical work covering all aspects: production and applied research. The practical experience is, I believe, crucial for any young specialist. The campus and the facilities are astonishing which makes student life quite comfortable. 

Nadeem Roshan Kunnath Valappail - 4th Year student, General Medicine:

Amal Shanker Parameshwaran - 4th Year student, General Medicine: