Competitive Advantages

Reasons to Study at the Institute

The FEFU Polytechnic Institute is the alma mater of engineers and technicians educated and trained to become the technical elite in the region, nationwide and across the globe.

The Polytechnic Institute implements high-quality education programs with online access to lectures, library and e-resources.

The Polytechnic Institute is equipped with top-notch laboratories providing for ample opportunities for students to conduct multi-disciplinary research in a wide spectrum of engineering science.

Major achievements

Today, the Polytechnic Institute is the absolute leader in the Russian Far East and one of the national leaders in such fields as World Ocean resource development, technologies for continental shelf investigation and development, medical instrumentation engineering, machine manufacturing, robotics, power engineering, and construction.

The Institute offers Master’s degree programs in oil and gas engineering, heat power energy and technology, electrical energy and technology, materials studies and technology, machine engineering, applied mechanics, construction and technical equipment of machine engineering production, shipbuilding, ocean technology, instrument engineering, infra-red communication technology and communication systems, hydroacoustics, electronics, automation of technological processes and production and other fields.

Bachelor’s degree programs include but not limited to studies in aircraft and helicopter technology, ground transport technology complexes, marine power plants and technology, mining, land surveying and engineering, architecture and architectural environmental design, hydro-technical construction,  natural gas heating and ventilation, water facilities and waste water disposal, city construction works, architecture and urban development, construction design, gem and metal material processing technology, wood processing technology, logistics, automobiles and automotive technology, radio communication, equipment, and technology of welding and its production plus many other fields.

In 2012, the Polytechnic Institute launched the Master of Science Program Offshore and Coastal Engineering taught in English. It is designed to prepare highly-qualified specialists for designing, constructing, and operating port infrastructure and marine offshore infrastructure in coastal zones of the Russian Far East region and the Asia-Pacific. The program also prepares students for work in engineering facilities exploring for and producing hydrocarbon resources on the continental shelf including regions with ice.

Students’ achievements

Students of the FEFU Polytechnic Institute are active participants in academic and research activities conducted in FEFU and at various national and international venues.

13 our students became the winners at the All-Russian Student Olympiad “I am the Professional” out of the total 1512 applications submitted for participation in the engineering fields of the Olympiad in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Vitaliy Rybnikov, a student-geologist, took the 1-st place at the industry Olympiad conducted by the MICROMINE RUSSIA “Quarry Design in Mining and Geological Information Systems”

In 2019 our students actively participated in various professional engineering contests with over 220 R&D projects and final qualification works. 168 works were awarded gold medals and prizes in such fields as construction, architecture and design, electronics, communication systems, instrument engineering, power engineering, shipbuilding and ocean engineering, Arctic offshore engineering, applied mechanics, photonics, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies.

As members of the FEFU and FEB RAS Team, students of the FEFU Polytechnic Institute are permanent participants, winners and medalists in national and international robotics competitions, including underwater robotics:

1) The 22-nd International RoboSub Competition 2019 for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. San-Diego, USA, 29.07. – 04.08.2019 – 2-nd place;

2) The Aqua Robotech 2019 All-Russian Marine Robotics Competition among Student Teams - 1-st place with ROUV Millennium Falcon.

3) Singapore AUV Challenge, 8-11.03.2019 – 3-rd place with AUV Pandora;

4) The 5-th Regional Tour of All-Russian Robotics Olympiad 2019, Vladivostok, 27.04.2019;

4) Finalist and Winner of All-Russian Robotics Olympiad 2019, Kazan, 22-24.06.2019;

5) Finalist of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO), Hungary, 8-10.11.19 – 3rd place. 

Students of the FEFU Polytechnic Institute are regulars in the WorldSkills Russia Intercollegiate Championship in Mechanical Engineering CAD competency. In 2019, our student Dennis Verner, after winning a qualification round of the 3-rd WorldSkills Russia Champ in Vladivostok represented FEFU in the final of this prestigious competition.

In March 2019, the FEFU Polytechnic Institute hosted the 7-th CASE-IN International Engineering Championship in mining, oil and gas industry, geological exploration, and electric power engineering. 80 engineering students took part in the competition, and 4 engineering student teams which won the qualification went to Moscow to represent FEFU in the final stage.

In November 2019, students from the FEFU Polytechnic Institute took part in the Students League of the CASE-IN International Engineering Championship (Autumn Cup 2019).  After qualifying in the regional stage, two FEFU teams out of three represented the Far Eastern Federal District in the championship final.

In April 2020, two student teams of the FEFU Polytechnic Institute won the qualification round of the 8-th CASE-IN International Engineering Championship in the field of oil and gas industry and electric power engineering. The winner in the field of oil and gas industry was the Compass team consisting of students from the Department of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industry: Lilia Lunkova, Grigory Melnikov, Rustam Askarov and Sergey Kulagin. The Oil Future team took the second place, the Fuel Inside took third place. In Electric Power Engineering an overwhelming victory over competitors was achieved by the Resonance team consisting of Nikita Vyborov, Veronika Arshinskaya, Ilya Chipovsky, and Alexander Chernov. The second place was taken by the Last Hope team.

In 2019 almost 400 (391) students of our Institute become participants in the annual traditional student conferences The Youth and Scientific and Technological Development, and Science, Technology, and Industrial Production.

Student Research Society under the Department of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industry became the laureate of the All-Russian contest for the best SSS in the oil and gas industry with the project Prospects for the Development of LNG Industry in the Far East of Russia. The organizers of the competition: Schlumberger, Packer Science and Production Firm, Kommersant Publishing House.

191 students on a regular basis participated in research activities pursued by the departments and research labs of the FEFU School of Engineering, including contracts and grants works.

For research achievements, 79 students of our school were awarded the scholarships of the President and the Government of Russia, and FEFU business partners corporate scholarships (PJSC Transneft, RN-Marine Terminal Nakhodka LLC).

Talented students and young researchers of the FEFU Polytechnic Institute regularly win scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation and additional scholarships for special achievements in science, art, sports, and social life. They participate in internships and professional-oriented programs by major Russian and international companies: Rosneft, Transneft, Gazprom, RusHydro, The United Shipbuilding Corporation, Sollers – Far East, Shimadzu, Mitsubishi, Kinross Gold Corp., and others. Since 2017, the largest international oilfield services company Schlumberger has been implementing a competitive scholarship and internship program allowing students and postgraduate students from the FEFU Polytechnic Institute to take internships at the company's enterprises in Russia and abroad, as well as receive personal scholarships.  

Students’ Feedback

Oleg Makarov, 2nd year Master’s Degree Student (Construction Engineering), FEFU School of Engineering and Junior Researcher at the International Research and Education Center "R&D Center "Arctic" in the FEFU School of Engineering

 imageedit_1_9458033837.png     “I am a 2nd year Master student at the School of Engineering of Far Eastern Federal University. My major is Construction Engineering and the university has given me many opportunities for development in my academic specialization. In my second year of undergraduate studies after a one-month internship, I was invited to work in one of the construction design companies in Vladivostok. Since then, thanks to the faculty of the FEFU School of Engineering, I have greatly improved my knowledge and skills and have been able to establish myself in the professional field, including at the international level. In 2019/2020, I gained invaluable experience by participating in the One Semester Student Exchange Program “Human Resource Program for Monodukuri Engineer in Japan and Russia”, which was implemented in the framework of cooperation between FEFU and Kindai University (Osaka, Japan). Today, I work as Junior Researcher at the International Research and Education Center "R&D Center "Arctic" based in the School of Engineering of Far Eastern Federal University and plan to continue my research activities and get a Doctorate degree in Engineering Sciences”.

Julia Bezrukikh,3rd year Bachelor's Degree Student (Instrumentation Engineering), FEFU School of Engineering     I am very glad that after finishing high school I entered Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). Since childhood, I knew that I wanted to be an engineer. When the question about choosing a university and specialty arose, I gave my preference to the School of Engineering of Far Eastern Federal University. Now I am a 3rd-year student at the Department of Instrument Engineering. Studying at the FEFU School of Engineering is a multiscale process combining theoretical and practical knowledge which extremely important for a modern engineer. Besides, students have opportunities to travel and study abroad. From 2017 to 2018, I studied at Wuhan University in China free of charge thanks to the International Student Exchange Program available at FEFU. I studied Chinese, brushed up my English, and attended lectures on Physics and Mathematics. After successful completion of the one-year course in China, I returned to Russia and continued my studies. During my second academic year, I successfully went through practical training at the Far Eastern Radio Manufacturing Plant Radiopribor. In the spring of 2019, I attended an international student conference and took part in a week internship program at our partner university, Harbin University of Engineering (Harbin, China). It was a great opportunity for me and my groupmates to present scientific reports at the conference that we had prepared in advance with our professors, to visit laboratories, and meet young researchers from China. Nowadays, engineers are in much demand in the labor market in Russia and worldwide. While still a student, thanks to the knowledge gained at the FEFU School of Engineering, I have been successfully working and earning extra money in one of the laboratories of Far Eastern Federal University together with the leading engineers of Vladivostok. I believe that studying at FEFU is prestigious and rewarding! I am happy and honored to learn and receive comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of engineering from the best faculty, researchers, and practical experts in Russia, which will help me to achieve professional excellence in my engineering career.

Mulenga Joseph, Zambia, Bachelor’s Degree Student (Mechanical Engineering, Welding Equipment, and Technology Program), FEFU School of Engineering My name is Mulenga Joseph and I am from Zambia!

Studying in the FEFU School of Engineering has given me an opportunity of widening my international exposure and knowledge about different engineering equipment and methods used not only in Russia but in other countries as well. Studying is made easy in the School of Engineering as we have a wide range of research materials in the libraries, free consultations by professors, and online courses provided by FEFU.

I came to FEFU to study Mechanical Engineering and throughout my study years, I have been able to improve my knowledge and develop professional skills in the field of engineering. The very important thing that apart from academic learning, I found out that you could actually make the whole family of Russian and international friends in FEFU.

After graduation, I plan to continue studying for a master’s degree in the field of modern welding equipment and technologies.

I think that any foreign student planning to study at FEFU should know that choosing the FEFU School of Engineering is the best choice one can ever make. Regardless of differences in culture, language, and other factors, international students can be assured that they will always fit in and never regret this decision.


Zhong Qingyu, China, 4th year, Bachelor’s Degree Student (Mechanical Engineering, Welding Equipment, and Technology Program), FEFU School of Engineering      I was greatly impressed to find out that professors from the FEFU School of Engineering perfectly integrate research and teaching, and fully devote themselves to bring knowledge to students and develop their basic professional skills.

Our school is the largest in FEFU, offering engineering degrees for undergraduate and graduate students in multiple fields and programs. The FEFU School of Engineering does not just try to “produce” graduates, but trains and prepares future specialists! Upon returning to my country, I will have more advantages over other graduates studying in China, because I understand engineering standards of both countries and I am fluent in Russian!    

FEFU Campus deserves a couple more words. It’s a brand new complex with full amenities designed for comfortable life of students. Excellent location at the seaside, modern sports facilities including a gym, two indoor swimming pools and the big stadium! The dorms are kept safe and clean all the time and security is provided 24/7/365. There are banking outlets, cafeterias in all academic buildings, student lounge areas, and corporate branch offices.

If I have a chance in future, I will be happy to return to the FEFU School of Engineering to complete my postgraduate studies.

The FEFU School of Engineering is the perfect choice for those who wants to become a real professional in the field of Engineering and Technology.