October 5-8, 2021 International Scientific Conference “FarEastCon” for researchers, faculty members and enterprise representatives.


1. Earth science

  • Geological and mining research

  • Oil-and-gas and chemistry

  • Waste management

  • Technical means and methods of the World Ocean research

  • Conservation of regional biodiversity with respect to industrial development of the Far East

  • Transport Infrastructure and Technology
  • Digital Technologies in Agriculture

  • Agriculture mechanization

  • Food security

2. Automatics and energy

  • Mechatronics and robotics

  • Energy

  • Information and measuring technologies

3. Materials and construction

4. Economy and production

  • Quality control

  • Development of polytechnic education

  • Economy

  • Strategies of human capital asset development

  • Modern problems of the human sciences


Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) - is one of the biggest universities in the Russian Far East; it’s an academic outpost of the country in the Asian-Pacific region. Maintaining the scientific traditions and keeping-up with educational trends, we are striving to become the best research and training center of the Asian-Pacific region.

Moreover, location of the conference is not limited to that. The conference is hosted in collaboration with partner-universities, which provide additional platforms for the organization of conference. Thus, all conference rooms are connected teleconference bridge that will function throughout the entire conference. Thanks to this technological innovation, conference participants will have the opportunity of long distance communication on-line. During collaborative sessions, speakers take turns to present from each platform.

The participants from audience are able to ask each other questions disregarding where they are. Furthermore, web streaming of conference sessions is organized in on-line mode as well. Anyone who feels like it can join the conference audience from any part of the world.

The additional conference platforms, which will be video-connected throughout the entire conference are:

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Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education “Yakut State Agricultural Academy” is the only basic AGRARIAN HEI in the Russian North-East. In 2017 by the order of the Ministry of Russia, YSAA was given the status of the basic organization for training specialists for traditional industries of the North, which gave a new impetus to the development of the Academy.

The task of Yakut State Agricultural Academy is to form students’ professional competencies and provide an opportunity to acquire certain industrial experience during years of studying at the Academy. Today every graduate of YSAA must possess modern information and management technologies. A distinctive feature of the Academy is creation of integrated educational and scientific laboratory complex which will be accessible and will provide services to various levels of professional education.

Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education “Yakut State Agricultural Academy” is the basic academy for training specialists of a new format for traditional industries of the North and the Arctic of the Russian Federation. The Academy has 7 educational departments, where 4 173 students are enrolled:

-the faculty of veterinary medicine;

-the faculty of agricultural technologies;

-the faculty of engineering;

-the faculty of timber complex and land management;

-the faculty of economics;

-college of technologies and management;

-Oktyomskiy branch.

The Academy has more than 90 cooperation agreements with agricultural enterprises for practical training and practice-oriented classes. Employers are directly involved in the educational process. On-site training sessions and practices are held at the leading enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic.

The Academy conducts successful research work in the field of agriculture, engineering and technical support of agro-industrial and timber sector, improving agricultural education. Currently, the Academy has 4 research schools. The research projects cover 7 scientific disciplines. Research work is organized and conducted at 17 departments, in the educational and scientific testing laboratory, the Bioclonal and molecular genetic laboratory, the educational research laboratory at the faculty agricultural technology.

Moreover faculty, inter-faculty educational research laboratory «Digital technologies» and inter-faculty research center of economic studies have been established for the years 2019-2024.

Within FSTP the Academy in cooperation with federal state budgetary scientific institution federal scientific center of biological systems and agricultural technologies of the Russian academy of sciences participates in the development and implementation of the subprogramme «Improving the genetic potential of specialized meat cattle breeds of domestic selection» with the project «Breeding a new type of beef cattle for the Northern territories of Russia».

According to the state order of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, in 2019 research work on the topic was conducted: Development of a database of biological, productive features and genetic structure of domestic reindeer breeds in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which ensures the improvement of their economic and useful qualities and breeding work for the period 2021-2030. For 2020, the academy has received state contracts on two topics from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture: «Introduction and expansion of production functional food products from reindeer blood» and «Implementation an improved technological map for vaccination against leptospirosis of farm animals».

The Academy with funds from the state budget of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is implementing projects approved by the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for 3 years, including “Development of adaptive technology for specialized meat stockbreeding in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”, «Establishment of molecular genetic methods in breeding work for the Northern domestic reindeer husbandry», «Veterinary favourable environments for farm animals and products of farms located in the Viluy river basin».

In 2019, the Academy in cooperation with 12 universities from Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Germany, participated and won a grant with 4 research institutions and 3 government partners with the SAGRIS project «Improving postgraduate education in the field of sustainable agriculture and agricultural systems of the future». The project enables the Academy to gain international experience, improve management methods, access to greater financial opportunities and projects, strengthen skills in creating and maintaining projects, and develop portfolio for employees and students.

Institute of continuous professional education occupies one of the leading positions in the market of additional education of Yakutia. Annually, more than 2,000 people successfully trained on the basis of ICPE. The educational process involves teachers, scientists of the Academy, Yakut Research Institute of Agriculture, Federal research center «Yakut Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences».

Practical classes are taught in the demonstration sites on herd horse breeding, cattle breeding, reindeer breeding, crop production and mechanization. Implementation of educational programs of advanced training and professional retraining courses is performed with using a new methods and technologies: on-site training sessions, distance learning technologies, accumulative system, individual approach, case technologies, e-learning complexes, etc.

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ASUHP is one of the leading higher education institutions of humanities profile in the Russian Far East. It was founded in 1954 as a pedagogical institute and now it is a modern center of education, science and culture, which has over 5000 students enrolled in various programs and studying on a full-time, part-time and distance basis and receive high-quality qualifications that are in demand at job marketplace.

Over the past few years the university actively integrates in the international educational space. ASUHP has dynamic partner relationships with the universities and cultural centers of France, Germany, USA, South Korea and North Korea, Australia and other countries. The high quality of education that the university provides draws both Russian and foreign students. Students and young scientists of ASUHP have opportunities for foreign internships and exchange programs, studying at standard and higher doctorate degree programs followed up with viva.

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Since its foundation and over the years of development, Far Eastern State Transport University - one of the oldest regional universities, which was founded for the purposes of education of engineers and technical specialists for the railways, has come a long way from being a small departmental educational institution to becoming a major scientific and educational center.

The main goal of the university is still professional support of regional mains, primarily the Far Eastern railways – branch of OAO RGD. In 1990, a college was founded on the university basis; it solves the task of prepping high school graduates for entering the university.

Every year FESTU strengthens its positions in the field of training highly qualified engineers, professional training and retraining of administrative officers and transport specialists, as well as in conduct of scientific and research works, construction and experimental works. Today FESTU has powerful scientific and research laboratories, science, engineering and implementation centers, creative faculty team, number of service departments and publishing base.

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Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Technical University (KnASTU) is one of the leading universities of the Far East, known not only in our country but also abroad.

The University executes development programs supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, which allow developing modern educational technology and improving the material and technical base.

Now KnASTU implements and continues to set up the modern research equipment, develops modern education and information technology, innovative projects of scientific and applied focus.

The strategic goal is the development of KnASTU as a major research and innovation center, supporting the industry not only with highly qualified personnel, yet, also, promising scientific developments.

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Amur State University, Blagoveshchensk is one of the youngest, perspective and fast developing universities in the Far Eastern Region of Russia. The university keeps the best traditions of the native higher education, smoothly integrates into the world system of higher education, and explores new trends and technologies in education and science.

The University provides education of different levels, including degree and non-degree courses at lycee of secondary education, academic college, 10 technical and humanitarian departments.

Multi-level educational system and big number of educational programs ensure a wide range of training future professionals. In AmSU students gain common up-to-date knowledge and get ready to be successful in new competitive environment.

In AmSU you can immerse as well in interesting and eventful students’ life. And the university is interested in developing your possibilities and talents.

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Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES) was founded in 1967 as Far Eastern Technological Institute of (FETI). Later on in 1995, its name was changed to Far Eastern State Technological Institute (FESTI) and soon after, in 1996, the university raised its status and was renamed as Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, reflecting the more comprehensive education offered at the university. The academic programs at VSUES have a strong focus in the areas of economics, business, management, tourism, design, engineering and international studies.

Nowadays VSUES is turning itself into a leading business university in the Russian Far East by offering creative education with a practical, hands-on approach to learning. The programs at VSUES have a strong focus in the areas of economics and business, management, tourism, design, engineering and international studies.

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NIISF RAASN was founded in July 1956 as the Research Institute of Building Physics and Fencing Constructions of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR, since 1964 - the Scientific Research Institute of Building Physics of the USSR Gosstroy, since 1993 - the Research Institute of Building Physics of the Russian Academy architecture and building sciences, since 2014 subordinated to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation.

The main goal of NIISF RAASN is to provide a reliable, environmentally friendly and comfortable human environment in buildings and territories with efficient use of resources and energy saving.

The subject of NIISF RAASN activity is:

- Development of scientific bases of the state policy in the sphere of ensuring the energy efficiency of buildings, structures and structures;

- the development of the scientific foundations of building thermophysics, durability, bearing capacity and reliability of building structures, buildings and structures, construction acoustics and lighting engineering, climatological and ecological aspects of construction in order to improve the calculation methods, design principles and instrumental control of thermal, acoustic and lighting properties of enclosing structures, premises, buildings, as well as human environment parameters, ensuring its safety and comfort;

- participation in the creation of a modern system for the development of new and actualization of existing normative and technical documents in construction;

- confirmation of the suitability of new technologies, products and materials for use in construction.

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Economic Research Institute of Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences invites you to visit the website that tells the history of the Institute’s development, main directions of research, research projects, publications, scientific personnel training, conferences and other useful information.

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Pacific National University is one of the largest higher education institutions of the Far East of the Russian Federation. Over the long years of its activity, the university has prepared about 100,000 specialists with higher education that successfully work in the enterprises and organizations of the Far East.

PNU provides truly world-class educational services. In 2009, the University has been certified by the international standard ISO 9001:2008 in field of provision of educational services, and now annually renews this certificate.

Over the past years, PNU scientists obtained world-class results in the fields of theoretical physics, magnetooptics, laser technologies, microprocessor engineering, non-destructive control, development of new materials, legal studies, etc. Numerous applied technologies of the university are actively implemented at industrial enterprises of the region. Technologies of managing the Far Eastern mineral resources for production of new minerals are developed and implemented. Applied research on construction methods, use of transportation facilities, mechanical engineering and metallurgical engineering has major influence on the regional economy. Three university employees received the award of the Government of the Russian Federation for achievements in the field of science and technology.

Information about arrival (local time)


1. Hong Kong 02.10 14:05

2. Harbin 02.10 22:20

3. Shanghai 02.10 00:05

4. Seoul 02.10 10:35, 13:40, 14:50

5. Busan 02.10 16:35

6. Tokyo 02.10 08:50

7. Moscow 02.10 08:25, 12:00, 13:55

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