About School

The FEFU School of Arts and Humanities covers the whole spectrum of humanities; many of them have been taught and researched since the Institute of Oriental Studies was established. We offer specialized study in fields of history, philosophy, journalism, sociology, education and religious studies.

The overriding mission of the School of Arts and Humanities is to undertake all of its activities with excellence. Specifically, the School's tri-part mission includes relevant scholarship of the highest quality, undergraduate teaching and doctoral training, and service to the community, university and profession.


Dr. Felix Azhimov

Dean of the School of  Arts and Humanities

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor


Address of the Dean:

Dear friends,

The School of Arts and Humanities is a home for a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that continue to be highly demanded. An applicant chooses an educative path relying on his or her fields of interest, abilities and personal experience. Social interaction analysis, human psychology exploration or journalist craft are perfect examples of possible alumni’s research.

The programs offered by the School of Arts and Humanities are designed to foster alumni’s creativity skills and analytical thinking as well as to provide a detailed insight into modern society development, political peculiarities and historical background of Russian Far East.

The Liberal Arts education system, adopted in the School, gives students an opportunity to personalize their educational trajectory. Students may select major disciplines as a part of their degree program (core education) and master an additional (minor) one. In other words, thanks to the balanced and comprehensive curriculum students acquire both professional competence and secondary skills that help them fulfill their true potential in future career.

The School of Arts and Humanities builds creative and knowledgeable personalities. Our goal is to teach our students to navigate through mass-media world, to carry out a critical analysis of complex issues, to find responses to current social challenges and to play a prominent role in contemporary society. To achieve this goal, we are constantly introducing innovative approaches and technologies into the educative process.

We are also focusing on the developing of international cooperation. Applicants are given an opportunity to take part in various internship programs and international conferences. The School of Arts and Humanities maintains partnership agreements with more than 40 Universities and international research organizations, such as Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow State University, Hokkaido University, Harvard University, Korea National University of National Heritage, Heilongjian University, Mongolia National University. Students thus can gain unrivaled experience of collaborating with foreign scientists.

We are aiming at creating a favorable educational environment and engaging every student in the process of personal growth. The teaching personnel is highly qualified, with more than 170 instructors holding an honorable academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy. We have every reason to be proud of being true to the traditions of liberal arts education.

Every master’s degree program offered by the School of Arts and Humanities is a unique chance for a graduate to enhance scientific knowledge and thus become a highly demanded employee. We can roughly group those who might be interested in continuing academic career into four categories.

The first category is comprised of former students that hold a bachelor’s degree and decide to enter the same master’s degree program in order to deepen previous education. To obtain more specific knowledge, you prefer to continue a career in a chosen professional field.

Those who decide to extend their knowledge of fields related to their current areas of professional specialization belong to the second category. You have decided to enter master’s degree programs, offered by the School, in order to acquire a new qualification. Beyond doubt, you will be eligible for more jobs if you have degrees in political science and sociology, philosophy and psychology, history and culturology. The broader is your area of competence, the higher is your ability to adapt to a workplace environment.

Students that have graduated in other, non-relevant, fields of science are included in the third category. If you majored in medicine, engineering or computer programming previously but maintained interest to social issues and philosophical challenges, then our master’s degree programs are designed to help you to broaden your horizons. The comprehension of ongoing cultural and historical processes will alter your approach to work by making it more pragmatic.

The fourth category is represented by people who graduated from university years ago and successfully began to apply their knowledge to practice; however their work experience emphasized the need for increasing the level of professional competence. The master’s degree programs, offered by the School, give an exciting opportunity for these people to further personal development and to ascend career ladders.

If after reading the descriptions above you find that you belong to any of the categories, then we are delighted to welcome you in the School of Arts and Humanities!