The educational programs of the School have deep interdisciplinary roots and focus on forming an integral vision of the meaning of being a human. Our team of dedicated and renowned teachers and researchers with rich educational experience help students to form a strong and realistic understanding the human nature, contemporary society and the ways of their development. We produce well-rounded graduates who possess the knowledge of effective communication, critical and analytical thinking skills, and creative abilities and readiness for a successful life in the increasingly dynamic world of today.

Since 2012, the School has been offering a Master's degree program in Archaeology of the Northern Pacific, taught in English for mixed classes of international and Russian students. This program is designed for those who love ancient times, ancient countries and ancient civilizations. Highly qualified instructors teach students theoretical knowledge and practical skills, including the excavation of artifacts and floral and faunal remains etc., and the examination and interpretation of the collected sources. The graduate program "Archaeology of the Northern Pacific" is characterized by its significant regional focus. Students are offered exclusive original courses, which provide integral insight about the main historic stages and cultures of the North Pacific from the Paleolithic epoch to the Middle Ages. The content is based on the historical and anthropological context of the region under consideration. The graduates of this program can work in practical archaeology, museums, cultural heritage preservation organizations, and higher educational institutions.