International Activities

One of FEFU School of Arts and Humanities key priorities is internationalizing, which implies developing education programs which can attract international students, integrating faculty in international research programs, initiating joint projects with international partners, and developing partner relations with science and technology centers of other countries.

The Chairs of the School participate in collaborative research with the leading scientific centers and universities of China, Korea, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, as well as with the scientific and research institutions of the Russian Academy of Science, Russian Academy of Education, and the top universities of the country.     

Great number of teachers from the Asian-Pacific countries and extended study placements of students in foreign universities of the neighboring countries contribute to the efficiency of the educational process as well as does the modern equipment, advanced infrastructure and innovative educational methods.

The School of Arts and Humanities maintains partnership agreements with more than 40 Universities and international research organizations, such as Institute of World History, Russian Academy of science, Moscow State University, Hokkaido University, Harvard University, Korea National University of National Heritage, Heilongjian University, Mongolia National University. The area of  cooperation includes research projects on  archaeology, history, sociology, cultural studies