The School of Natural Sciences was founded in 2011 by merging many prominent academic and research subdivisions of HEIs into FEFU, most of them having long traditions of successful research:

5 mathematical and natural science institutes of Far Eastern National University (FENU): Academy of Ecology, Marine Biology and Biotechnology; Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science; Institute of Environment; Institute of Physics and Information Technologies; and Institute of Chemistry and Applied Ecology;

10 departments of Far Eastern State Technical University (FESTU) specializing in: organic synthesis and petroleum chemistry, quantum and optical electronics, economy informational systems, higher mathematics, applied nature management, information technologies, information management systems, computer systems and information safety, physics and chemistry;

Department of Ecology and Nature Management, and Department of Physics of Pacific State Economic University (PSEU).

Other scientific and educational centers, laboratories, and departments of FENU, FESTU, and PSEU