The School is based on the integration within the framework of the united branches of an integrated group of training areas in the field of physical, mathematical, and natural sciences.

The modern educational and methodological complex is meant to be created collectively with the Far Eastern Branch of The Russian Academy of Science (FEB RAS). It will provide trainings for highly qualified specialists that are top requested in the region and for the country as a whole. Also, it will conduct scientific researches at the high international level, including the junction of sciences.

The School of Natural Science is guided by the Development Program of the Far Eastern Federal University for 2010-2019, approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 17, 2010. #2300-r and aimed at establishing it as the leading scientific, educational, and innovative center of the region and Russia.

The School Development Concept is based on the “platform” of development priorities of FEFU:

-          study, development, realization, and monitoring of the mineral and biological resources of the oceans, the creation of technical means for their development, new materials and technologies;

-          development and implementation of highly efficient technologies in the field of energy resources and energy-saving technologies;

-          development of research in the field of nanophysics, nanochemistry, nanobiotechnology for further practical use;

-          development and application of mathematical methods in the transport and logistics complex to ensure modern transportation technologies and innovative transport and logistics systems;

development of biomedical technologies, medical physics, and other related branches of knowledge in the interests of modernizing the medical sector in the Russian Far East, its integration into the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.