FEFU: School of Engineering Bulletin

(Vestnik Inzhenernoi shkoly DVFU)
Online Scientific Peer-Reviewed Technical Journal

11.jpgThe purpose of the publication is to provide teachers, graduate students, researchers of the Far Eastern Federal University, as well as their colleagues from other universities, research institutions, design and design organizations in Russia and abroad, with the opportunity to publish the results of their research based on open access and wide exchange of information, contributing to progress in fields related to engineering and knowledge.

The “FEFU School of Engineering Bulletin” publishes original scientific articles and reviews on the results of scientific research and practical developments in engineering and construction fields of knowledge, architecture, technology, engineering, mechanics and shipbuilding. Reviews and short reports on new scientific publications on this topic are also accepted.

Since 2018, the journal has been included in the "List of peer-reviewed scientific publications" of the Higher Attestation Commission in the following scientific specialties:

Mechanics and Mathematics
1.1.8. Mechanics of Deformable Solids 
Construction and Architecture 
2.1.1. Building structures, buildings and structures  
2.1.4. Water supply, building systems for water resources protection 
2.1.5. Building materials and products 
2.1.8. Design and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels 
2.1.9. Construction Mechanics  
2.1.11. Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage
2.1.12. Architecture of buildings and structures. Creative concepts of architectural activity
Mechanical Engineering
2.5.17. Ship theory and structural mechanics 
2.5.18. Ship design and construction
2.5.19. Technology of shipbuilding, ship repair and organization of shipbuilding production 
2.5.20. Ship power plants and their elements (main and auxiliary)

Dear authors! Please note: in connection with the approval of the new nomenclature of scientific specialties, the directions: 05.08.06 Physical fields of the ship, ocean, atmosphere and their interaction and 2.1.10 Ecological safety of construction and municipal economy, were excluded. The decision of the Higher Attestation Commission is currently not accepted on the scientific specialties: 1.1.7 Theoretical mechanics, dynamics of machines and 2.1.6 Hydraulic engineering, hydraulics and engineering hydrology. We recommend taking this circumstance into account when submitting articles.

Submissions are accepted throughout the year. The editors reserve the right to select them and refuse to publish them. The decision on publication is made by the editorial board or editor-in-chief within three months from the date of receipt of the materials. Materials can be sent to the editorial office through a personal account or by e-mail vestnikis@dvfu.ru
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  • No. 1(54)
  • until February 19
  • March 27–31
  • No. 2(55)
  • until May 14
  • June 26–30
  • No. 3(56)
  • until August 13
  • September 25–30
  • No. 4(57)
  • until November 12
  • December 25–30

*The editors do not guarantee that the article received within the specified time will be published in the nearest issue.

The journal was founded in 2009. ISSN 2227-6858. Sign of information products 12+

Editor-in-Chief: Alexander T. Bekker, Academician of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Scientific director of the Polytechnic Institute of Far Eastern Federal University.

Previous title (2009–2012): “Bulletin of the Far Eastern State Technical University”.

Periodicity of the journal: 4  times a year, every third month of the quarter.

Founder and publisher: Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia).

Publication language: Russian, English.

The journal provides immediate open access to its content. License type: Creative Commons "Attribution" 4.0.

The fee for the publication of articles is not charged, the fee to the authors is not paid.

Editorial address10 Ajax Bay, Russkiy Island, Vladivostok, 690922.
Polytechnic Institute, building C, level 7, room C714.

Tel. +7(423)2652424, ext. 2571

Е-mail: vestnikis@dvfu.ru