Guide for authors

The FEFU: School of Engineering Bulletin is a journal of Science and Technology.

 We accept articles containing the results of research and practical developments in the fields of engineering and construction: technology, machinery, geology, mathematics, computer simulation, architecture, etc., as well as search for new technologies to be applied in building industry and architecture. The articles should be submitted in the form corresponding to the international standards. In particular, they should be supplied with the English-language annotation (160-300 words.)

The Journal publishes articles, containing up to 12 pages in Word formate (30,000 characters) are to be submitted to e-mail: or to register in account

The submitted article should include the information on the author(s) put at the beginning of the article: full name(s), science degree, position, department, school, university (or any other place of work), e-mail, postal address, and telephones to contact with the editorial staff.

The article should contain a summary and an abstract, key words, references, tables and illustrations with captions.

Summary covering one third of a page should be placed before the text with key words immediately after it with indention (no more than two word combinations are allowable.).

References should be placed after the text (no more than 30 entries) in alphabetical order according to the surnames of the first author and the titles and are preceded with number (see the example below.) The reference in the text is put into square brackets with the first figure referring to the order number and the second one to the page, e.g. [5, р. 7].

Illustrations should be distributed over the text of the article.

All submissions are subject to a peer-review process. Reviewing is anonymous.

The authors are required to sign a written copyright transfer agreement conveying full copyright to the Far Eastern Federal University which is obligatory for the latter to be entitled to edit and publish their works.

The article published in the Journal may subsequently appear in other paper journals as well. If re-published without alterations, it should be mentioned that the article originally appeared in the Engineering School Bulletin.

Works published previously in other journals cannot be accepted. Submissions that do not strictly follow the regulations will not be accepted.

Publication of articles is gratuitous for authors, and the access to the journal is gratuitous for users.