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International Summer School "Russia - Far East" August 9-29, 2018

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Russia - Far East Summer School offers international students several course modules each lasting 3 weeks of intensive training. The School is multi-modular, which means that each participating student can choose from a variety of course modules. As compared to the Russia - Far East Summer School held in previous years, the Summer School of 2018 greatly expands the range of course modules offered to the international students.

* advance your Russian language skills
* explore Vladivostok and enjoy diverse outside of the classroom activities
* learn about the history, main facts and figures of the Russian Far East
* taste the far eastern cuisine
* rich cultural life

Dates: August 9-29, 2018

ECTS credits: 4.0

Language of instruction: English and Russian

Participation eligibility: undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and non-matriculated students

Payment: 48.000 Russian rubles (excluding meals, insurance)

Accommodation: Dormitory rooms with a two-person occupancy

Application deadline: Extended until May 15, 2018 for the following modules: “Film Studies: Contemporary Russian documentary as a tool of memorial culture”, “Comprehensive Sustainable Development of the Russian Far East”, and “Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy”

The Program of the Russia Far East Summer School

1. Completing an Online Application Form,

2. Receiving participation confirmation from FEFU,

3. Receiving Invitation Letter from FEFU for visa,

4. Completing Visa Formalities and Getting a Russian visa,

5. Submitting Arrivals/Departures Information,

6. Paying the Registration Fee either online or at a cash counter at FEFU,

7. Getting a Registration at the Office of Visas and Registration by brining copies of all pages in your passport.

8. Getting insurance for a stay in Russia (this optional: in case you did not get it in your home country).

Russian Language and Culture

This module developed by the FEFU Center for Russian Language and Culture will help students immerse into an intensive study of Russian language, to learn the culture and traditions of Russia and of Primorsky Krai province. Students of all levels of knowledge of the Russian language will be able to take this course based on their knowledge level demonstrated during the placement test.

More information about the module

Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy

This module developed by the FEFU School of International and Regional Studies offers a unique series of lectures and seminars on Russian foreign policy in Northeast Asia.

More information about the module

Film Studies: Contemporary Russian documentary as a tool of memorial culture

This module developed by the Pacific Meridian Movie Festival movie selection committee members will feature historical development of the Russian and international movie-making, movie criticism, and understanding of movie-making as a way of archiving reality.

More information about the module

Russian Avant-guard and the Russian – isms

This module is focuses on the Russian Avant-guard, a series of new creative approaches in arts and design on the XX century. The module is organized out of series of blocks that explain major Russian – isms. Both theoretical and practical parts of the module cover creative approaches of the key figures of the Russian Avant-guard starting in 1920s and going all the way through year 2000.

More information about the module

Comprehensive Sustainable Development of the Russian Far East

This module was developed by the FEFU School of Economics and Management, and it focuses on the comprehensive view at the Russian Far East Territories. The aim is to provide essential knowledge about this area and to help students develop skills that will allow them to conduct research related to the Russian Far East or open business by utilizing the advantages and considering the possible complications.

More information about the module

Russian Far East: Ethnography, History, and Culture

This course examines Russia in East Asia and the Pacific region from the 17th century until the present. It focuses on Siberia, the Russian Far East, Russian America, and on Russian relations with China, Japan, Korea and the United States. The scope of inquiry encompasses political, military, diplomatic, social, economic, and cultural developments.

More information about the module

Russia - Far East Summer School provides students with a wide range of opportunities to explore history and culture of the city of Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai province by visiting city museums and taking sightseeing tours, tasting local seafood cuisine, and by participating in the vibrant cultural life and events held in Vladivostok during the summer.

The cultural program includes:

  • FEFU Campus Walking Tour
  • Vladivostok Bus Sightseeing Tour
  • FEFU Museum Bus Tour
  • Arsenyev Bus Tour
  • Matryoshka painting master class
  • Bus tour to Okean National Summer Camp
  • Walking Tour to Cape Tabizin
  • Pelmeni Cooking Master class