International Online Summer School "Russia - Far East" August 10-28, 2020

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Russia - Far EastOnline Summer School offers international students several course modules each lasting 3 weeks of intensive training. The School is multi-modular, which means that each participating student can choose from a variety of course modules. As compared to the Russia - Far East Summer School held in previous years, the Summer School of 2019 greatly expands the range of academic modules offered to the international students.

You will be able to improve your skills and competences and enjoy the following components of the Russia Far East Summer School:
- improve your Russian language skills;
- learn more about the history, main facts and figures of Russia and the Russian Far East;
- enjoy digital education.

Dates: August 10-28, 2020

ECTS credits: 4.0

Language of instruction: English and Russian

Participation eligibility: undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and non-matriculated students

Payment: 25 000 RUB

Application deadline: July 26, 2020.

The Program of the Russia Far East Summer School

1. Completing an Online Application Form,

2. Receiving participation confirmation from FEFU,

3. Paying the Registration Fee online at the FEFU payment website,

4. Receiving payment confirmation

5. Waiting for getting personal MS Teams account details

Russian Language and Culture

This module developed by the Russian language instructors will help students immerse into an intensive study of the Russian language, and learn the culture and traditions of Russia and of Primorsky Krai province. Students of all levels of knowledge of the Russian language will be able to take this course based on their knowledge level demonstrated during the placement test.

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Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy

This module developed by the FEFU School of International and Regional Studies offers a unique series of lectures and seminars on Russian foreign policy in Northeast Asia.

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Entrepreneurship, Innovations and Marketing in the Emerging Markets of the Asia-Pacific Countries

This module was developed by the FEFU School of Economics and Management to facilitate participant’s understanding of the key strategic, technical, commercial, financial, and human issues linked to the creation or development of a start-up or a traditional business. Students will learn the techniques and experience of successful business in the Asia-Pacific region.

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