Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance

Module Outline

This Module’s ambition is to facilitate student’s understanding of the key strategic, technical, commercial, financial, and human issues linked to the creation or development of a start-up or a traditional business. Besides, students will explore opportunities of making business in the Russian Far East. Territories of Advanced Development are offering tax incentives, simplified government regulation, and extensive infrastructure. More than 700 Russian and international companies are already taking advantage of these benefits, working on a range of highly promising projects in the Russian Far East.

Part of the course will be dedicated to personal finance. Do you want to be able to save money, but don’t know how to start? Do you want to know what money saving opportunities and sources are out there? This course will train these skills. During the module students will be able to start investing or saving, using simple techniques.

Module Contents

Entrepreneurship and Innovations:

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Career expectations of students around the world

Entrepreneurship’s importance

Entrepreneurship as a Lifetime Philosophy

Entrepreneurship as a Process

Idea vs. Opportunity

10 myths of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Thinking (Effectuation vs. Causation)

Entrepreneurship Global Projects (GEM, GUESSS)

Rates of early-stage entrepreneurial activity

Emerging Markets of the Asia-Pacific Countries


Rocket Pitch

Simulation Exercise ‘Kitty Hawk in the classroom’

The Marshmallow Challenge


What’s about marketing?

Trendwatching and Marketing trends for Asia Pacific in 2019

Ways to create customer value

Models of consumer value co-creation

Instruments for Mobile Marketing


Game: Consumer insights and Developing Consumer Journey Map (CJM)


Economic Beasts and Where to Find Them (To obtain basic knowledge in economics during 3 hours).

Financial kitchen or how the mafia has accumulated capital (Some basic financial concepts and ideas).

Can you earn a million in 10 years? (Your personal financial strategy).

Five steps to make a personal financial plan (While you are reading this text, your friends have already begun to invest).

Grandmothers choose bank deposits (How the bank uses your money and helps you to earn).

Afraid of bears - choose the bonds (How to invest your money without big risks).

Love bulls - choose stocks (How to invest your money and get big returns).

Love Diversity - Make Portfolios (How to invest your money and get big returns without big risks).

Do not have money - buy a house (How to get credit and earn money).

Financial game «Stock exchange trading Simulation» (Choose best investments ideas and get the profit).

Module Instructors

Tatiana Ershova, PhD, is the Head of the Entrepreneurship Research Laboratory of the FEFU School of Economics and Management (SEM) and the Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Asia Pacific MA program. Tatiana is teaching such courses as Research Methods, Entrepreneurship Research in APR Emerging Markets. Tatiana’s research interests include regional entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems and ecopreneurship. She has an extensive academic background and a number of research publications in ecological entrepreneurship. Additionally, Tatiana is involved in projects development, event planning, management activities and public relations of SEM FEFU.

Artur Nagapetyan, PhD in Finance, over the past 5 years has been a recipient of 5 scholarships from such organizations as Oxford Russia Fund and BP. He has published over 30 articles and as a speaker has participated in over 20 conferences. His main research interests are financial risks assessment, modeling in R and STATA, design and mechanisms of the game theory models, behavioral finance, and experimental economics. Artur teaches econometrics and research design for students of the international School of Economics and Management MA program.

Tatiana Shusharina is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Management at the FEFU School of Economics and Management and the researcher at the Laboratory of Entrepreneurship Research at the same school. Tatiana teaches courses both for Bachelor’s Master’s degree students on Entrepreneurship, Project Management, and Project Risk Management. She has 8+ years of wide-ranging project management expertise. Tatiana has an active Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Certification and a membership in the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 2012.

Tatiana’s research interests include entrepreneurship development in the context of Special Institutional Regimes at the Russian Far East, entrepreneurial leadership, and strategic entrepreneurship. Additionally, Tatiana participates in the development and implementation of the FEFU Strategy as the Director of the Development Programs Office.

Anastasiia Napalkova is PhD and an Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing, Commerce and Logistics of the Far Eastern Federal University with over 17 years of working experience at FEFU. She has seven years of marketing manager experience in commercial companies and for four years she has worked as an independent counselor in the local commercial firms. Anastasiia is the author of 49 research publications and 3 monographs. She teaches courses on Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, International Business, Relationship Marketing, etc. Her research interests include marketing research, social media, online brand communities, mobile marketing, cross-cultural marketing, and sustainable consumption. Anastasiia frequently speaks at international conferences, such as 2018 Global Marketing Conference in Tokyo and the 5th International Research GSOM Emerging Markets Conference in St. Petersburg.