Stretch Fitness:

exercising that focuses predominantly on the body flexibility. Stretch fitness combines intensive rhythm with stretching of different groups of muscles, which relieves stress and improves physical fitness.

Cardio Move:

highly movement-intensive fitness workout, which includes aerodance (training of skills that can help learn basic steps of classical aerobics and its different combinations) and step aerobics.

Latin Dance:

learning steps and moves of the Latin American types of dancing.

Fit Ball:

exercising that uses a special fitness ball, which focuses on training of all muscle groups and involves power training and even Zumba.

Step Power:

aerobic training with the use of the step platforms. This involves using different kids of weights, such as dumbbells, balls, and fitness expanders that can help with strengthening of muscles. This kind of exercising improves endurance, strengthens cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and helps burn much of calories.

Super Body:

balanced combination of cardio and power training, which helps to strengthen muscles. This kind of exercising uses additional equipment, such as step platform, dumbbells, and barbells. Your exercising will never be boring!

Power Yoga:

one of the most recently developed fitness styles, which brings together motion and statics, relaxation and concentration, balancing and breath-work to build a beautiful and strong body.


workout system that can help any person get and stay fit, to stretch and to strengthen muscles.

Best fit:

powerful functional workout, which offers high-intensity cardio training along with the general body training.  This workout improves endurance and gives a complex effect on the organism.

F-Kick (Fitness Kickboxing):

intensive cardio workout, which combines kicking and punching from kickboxing with power training. This helps body fill with power, improves coordination, balance and endurance and strengthens abdominal muscles and legs.

F-Mix (Fitness Mix):

combination of several kinds of fitness that are practiced together within one training session, which allows to archive maximum results, to improve physical fitness and to strengthen muscles. Aerobics intervals are combined with power training intervals, which makes training effective and versatile. F-mix improves the general mood and the whole body wellbeing.


high-intensity interval training. F-Power burns two or three times as much of calories as any other kind of training. Interval training is the most effective and the fastest method that helps solve the problem of overweight.