Swimming pool

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Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics is a special kind of exercising in water, which strengthens body muscles and allows keeping the body in shape. This not only requires proper ways of moving and breathing, but also demands overcoming water resistance. However, aqua aerobics is less tiring than gym workout, because the body becomes lighter in the water.

Free swimming

Swilling is the safest kind of sports, besides swimmers do not feel fatigue after exercising. Water exercising in the swimming pool causes neither pain in the joints, nor twists in the muscles, even if these are frequent injuries in other kinds of sports. Proper swimming in the swimming pool brings great benefits to the organism, which are difficult to overestimate. The weight of a body immersed into water decreases, which gives the swimmers a feeling of comfort and true relaxation.

Swimming for kids

Swimming for kids is a unique way of massaging their whole bodies. The most important thing here is an excitement of a children from staying in the water as swimming pool exercising is always accompanied by their laughter, splashes of water and a whole range of positive emotions.

Swimming for adults

Regular swimming exercising encourages metabolism acceleration, normalization of a blood pressure, improvement of a blood circulation and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Water exercising eliminates stress, relaxes the body and charges it with vital energy. Swimming has no side effects, like jogging or gym exercising. There is almost no load on the joints in the water, which is why this kind of exercising creates no harm to the health.